5 Best Chutney Options To Spruce Up The Meal


Chutney is one of the most loved accompaniments. It is known to spruce up any meal with its fiery and tangy taste. Be it a simple paratha, a bowl of dal chawal, khichdi or anything. We all love making chutney at home with our favourite ingredients. But have you ever thought of buying it from outside? If you look around and explore, you will notice a wide range of chutney, for instance- pudina chutney, dhaniya chutney, peanut chutney and much more. To help you with which one to buy, we have narrowed down some delicious chutney options for you to choose according to your taste and preferences. These chutneys are made with superior quality ingredients and are extremely delicious in taste.

Here’s A List Of 5 Chutneys To Choose From:

1. Chilli Chutney Powder

Let’s start off the list with this one. This chutney pack by the brand MTR can be used both as a dip or chutney to spice up dosa, idli, vada pav and more. It is perfectly blended and made up of the best quality of ingredients.

2. Ching’s Secret, Schezwan Chutney

Here we bring you a super fiery version of chutney. This chutney by the brand Chings can be used in making a variety of spicy recipes such as chilli chicken, chilli paneer, chilli potatoes, noodles and many more. Besides using this chutney as a dip, it can also be used while cooking to give extra spicy taste to the recipe.

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3. Bhuira All Natural Tomato Chutney

Tomato chutney is one kind of chutney that can be used with almost every recipe. This all-natural tomato chutney is a combination of both tangy and spicy taste. You can use it as a spread for sandwiches, chapati and also as a side with some fries, chips, wraps and more. The choice is yours!

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4. Add me Khatti Meethi Chutney Sonth

Here comes a combo pack of 2 chutneys. This khatti meethi chutney can be used as a dip for samosa, pakoras and you can also use it to drizzle over dahi bhalle, a bowl of fruits and more.

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5. Nimbuda Homemade Sweet and Tangy Ginger Chutney

This jar of chutney contains the goodness of pure lemon and ginger. If you are looking for a dry chutney option that can also be used as a pickle, this pack can be a right choice. The zesty flavour of lemon and piquant flavour of garlic makes this chutney a delight in every sense.

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