5 Cheese-Based Snacks That Can Be Made Under 15 Mins


Cheese is a comfort food that goes well with almost anything. From grilled cheese sandwiches to cheesy pasta and pizza, cheese is used to make some of the most delicious dishes in the world. If you simply love cheese-based recipes (just like us), here we give you some interesting cheesy snacks that can be prepared at home in just 15 minutes, and with the bare minimum of ingredients. So, why wait for the weekend when we can munch on tasty snacks on a weekday? Without further ado, let’s learn how to make these snacks. Read below.

Here Are 5 Quick And Easy Cheese-Based Snacks You Must Try:

1. Cheese Chips – Our Recommendation

Let’s start with the easiest of all recipes. Baked cheese slices topped with Italian seasoning and chilli flakes – these quick and easy cheese chips will have you salivating! Click here for the recipe for Cheese Chips.


2. Cheese Egg Roll

If you’re tired of the same omelette recipe, try this quick and easy cheesy egg roll instead! It will only take 10 minutes to prepare this dish. This is a great side snack to have when you’re hungry! Find the recipe for Cheese Egg Roll here.


3. Cheese Pakoda

To go with your tea, cheese pakodas are the ideal snack. The crispiness of pakodas is balanced by the cheesiness of cheese. This simple recipe is not to be missed; it is fried crisp and golden on the outside and juicy and flavourful on the inside. Click here for Cheese Pakoda recipe.

4. Mac & Cheese

This snack, also known as macaroni and cheese, is a favourite among both children and adults. You’ll have the best cheese dish in a mug with just two basic ingredients and less than five minutes of prep time! Wondering how? Click here for Mac & Cheese.


5. Cheese Sandwich

Lastly, we bring you a recipe in which bread slices are stuffed with cheese, mayo, lettuce, and mustard. If you’re short on time but still want a delicious and healthy snack, this recipe is perfect for you. Click here for Cheese Sandwich.

Try out these recipes and let us know how you all liked them in the comments below.

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