5 Healthy Snacking Ideas To Make Your Late-Night Weekends More Enjoyable


Yay! The weekend is here. We can’t wait to open our saved list of to-watch shows and movies while cosying up in our blankets. Late night bingeing accompanies late night watching, but the problem is that we tend to pick up all the wrong things that cause problems to our already slow digestion system at night. That’s why Mondays are full of regret and desperate trips to gyms. Why don’t we make our post-weekend life easier by being mindful of what we eat during late night snacking? Seems doable, right? 

To help all of us, nutritionist Avantii Deshpande has suggested some great late-night snacking ideas that will give us something healthy and delicious to munch on.  

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Here’re 6 snacking ideas for late-night eating during weekends: 

1. Fruit Yogurt 

Yogurt fruit parfait can please our sweet tooth and tummy at the same time. And it’s incredibly easy to make. Just combine plain yogurt with your favourite fruits, then top it with granola or nuts for some crunch. That’s it. 

2. Healthy Crackers  

Crunchy cracker with interesting toppings always proves to be a tempting appetiser. Make healthy crackers to treat yourself during late-night fun with your date or friends. Get sugar-free crackers and top them with low-fat cheese, vegetable slices like cucumber or tomato, and herbs or Indian chaat masala. 

3. Makhanas 

Makhanas (or fox nuts) make for the best snacking experience. You get good taste and no guilt of eating unhealthy. Just roast some makhanas and season them as per your preference and enjoy the movie popcorn-like experience in front of your TV screen.  

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4.  Veggies With Dip 

If you haven’t’ tried it yet, we suggest you must. Cut veggies like carrots and cucumbers lengthwise and dip in your favourite dips like hummus or yogurt and garlic dip, and much away. This snack is super healthy and super tasty at the same time.  

5.  Mixed Dry Fruits  

Get energy and health during late night outings with dry fruits like almonds and walnuts or seeds like pumpkin or melon seeds. Dried fruits like dry figs, berries and raisins will also work wonder to fill up your stomach.  

Enjoy late night weekend sessions with your loved ones (or alone) while snacking on these healthy foods.

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