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5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Clay Pots (Matka)

5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Clay Pots (Matka)


Clay pots, also known as matka or surahi, have been a staple in Indian households. In olden days, they were the most preferred option to drink water from. Ask the elders in your family, and they’ll tell you how they had a special corner reserved for this traditional pot in their kitchen. While a select few continue to use it, most find it unnecessary and a bit old-fashioned. After all, what’s the need to keep a surahi and add to the already cramped space in our kitchen? But hold on, did you know drinking water from a clay pot has some amazing benefits to offer? Read on to learn about them in detail and make space in your kitchen for one now.
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Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From Clay Pots:

1. Has Cooling Properties

The primary reason why clay pots were used for storing water was that they naturally helped cool it down. As these pots are porous in nature, the evaporation process is quicker, resulting in a naturally cooling effect on the water, which is ideal to quench your thirst on hot sunny days. As per nutritionist Rupali Datta, “Drinking cooled water from a clay pot is a better alternative than chilled refrigerated water, as the latter can cause health issues.”

2. Good For Your Throat

If you’re someone who often catches a cough or cold, drinking water from a surahi could be quite beneficial for you. While we’re all habitual of drinking water from the refrigerator, this will only make your condition worse. “Clay pot water maintains an ideal temperature that doesn’t irritate the throat. It helps soothe it and prevent such infections in the future,” adds Dutta.

3. Aids In Digestion

Since clay pot water has an ideal temperature, it aids in digestion and prevents stomach issues such as bloating and constipation. As per Ayurveda, drinking ice-cold water can slow down our digestion process. It constricts the blood vessels in our stomach, which can cause a lot of discomfort. So, if you wish to keep your digestive system healthy, consider making this switch.
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4. Boosts Metabolism

As per Ayurveda, drinking water that is close to our body temperature allows for better absorption of nutrients, which in turn boosts your metabolism. Clay pot water is ideal for achieving this. On the other hand, if you have chilled water, your body has to work harder to absorb the nutrients, which can slow your metabolism.

5. Absence Of Chemicals

There are absolutely no chemicals used in the making of clay pots, which can make them better for drinking and storing water. According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology (IJEAST), water stored in clay pot containers over a period of 30 days was better able to retain the quality of the water as compared to plastic bottles and steel jugs.

Now that you know about the incredible benefits of drinking water from a clay pot, make the switch to stay fit and healthy.


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