5 Special Lunch Recipes For Weekend Indulgence


Weekends are all about giving in to your indulgences. Whether it is entertainment, hobbies, outing or food, this is the time to go all out and maybe overdo it, because we are not able to do it during the week. For those of you who like to cook, anything ordinary is such a waste of opportunity. Take this time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a high-octane spread that will impress all. Here we have a list of special weekend recipes for different moods that you must try for a decadent lunch. 

Here Are 5 Weekend Special Lunch Recipes:

1. Hyderabadi Biryani 

Talk about special meals and biryani is bound to come first in the mind. This recipe has rice layered neatly with fried onions, mint and mutton cooked with a variety of spices and curd. The biryani is sealed with dough and slow cooked ‘dum’ style. Click here for the recipe. 


2. Amritsari Chicken Masala 

And if you are in the mood for some heavy-duty typical Punjabi food, this Amritsari chicken masala recipe should be pinned to your kitchen shelf. Chicken is dunked and cooked in a rich tomato gravy made creamier with cream and butter and a whole lot of spices. This is perfection! Click here for the recipe.

3. Aloo Qorma 

If you are a vegetarian, then go beyond the usual aloo and paneer sabzis and make this aloo qorma for your weekend fare. This recipe has fried potatoes cooked in a tangy curd-based gravy to which lemon is also added to make it tangier. And to balance out the tanginess, cream is added to make this aloo qorma a delightful dish. Click here for the recipe. 

4. Mysore Dosa 

South Indian food fans can take a break from regular dosa and make this special Mysore masala dosa which has won our hearts since we ever tasted it. Crispy dosa filled with a fiery potato filling served with red chutney – the best south Indian treat we can ask for. Click here for the recipe.

5. Pink Sauce Pasta 

And if you want to take a break from Indian cuisine altogether, this pasta with a combination of white and red sauce is what you should make. Your kids will also love it. Click here for the easy recipe of pink pasta.  


Make this weekend special with these special lunch recipes and please the foodie in you.

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