7 Chip And Dip Combinations To Include In Your Weekend Binge


The weekend is finally here! After a hectic week and a crazy jam-packed schedule, it’s finally time to unwind, relax and let our hair down. Some of us like to binge watch our favourite sitcoms and sports during the weekend. Others prefer to catch up with family, friends or come up to speed with their reading. No matter which category of people you may fall into, food is something so essential to both the weekend plans! We save up on our quote of unhealthy food for the weekend, when we can finally eat what we like sans any guilt. If you are planning to indulge this weekend too, we have just what you need. These amazing chip and dip combinations are perfect to include in your weekend binge. Whip up these dips, dig out a bag of chips and enjoy!

Here Are 7 Chip And Dip Combinations For Your Weekend Binge:

1. Nachos and Salsa

The classic Mexican combination, nachos and salsa simply never goes out of style. Tangy salsa prepared with tomatoes, onions and a hint of vinegar – this dip will tantalise your tastebuds beyond measure. Click here for the salsa dip recipe.

2. Potato Chips and Thousand Island dip

Potato chips are evergreen and delicious, and you can pair them with practically any dip. However, this thousand island dip made with just four simple ingredients is the ideal accompaniment for them. Find out the full recipe for thousand island dip here.

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Potato chips and dips can be a great way to enjoy the weekend. Photo: iStock

3. Pita Chips and Hummus

Another amazing chip and dip combination, this one hails from Lebanese cuisine. Believe it or not, it is actually quite simple to make your own hummus at home. Simply boil chickpeas, puree it in a blender, add some flavouring and dig in! Click here for the classic hummus recipe.

4. Ragi Crisps and Korean Cheese Dip

Ragi chips have been taking our supermarket shelves by storm. The crisp snack has a slightly bitter tinge to it, which is why this Korean cheese dip makes for the perfect pairing with it. It has a tinge of spice but a whole lot of flavour. Find the full recipe here.

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If you love Korean food, you have got to try this cheese dip. 

5. Tortilla Chips and Guacamole

One more amazing recipe from the Mexican cuisine, Tortilla chips and Guacamole is a hot favourite across the globe. The simple preparation of the dip requires mashed avocado, onion, a hint of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Click here for the full recipe of guacamole dip.

6. Soya Chips with Hung Curd Dip

Want to binge to your heart’s content but still keep it healthy? Worry not, we have you covered. This hung curd dip will offer you the same creamy taste without adding up too many calories. Pair them with crispy soya chips and you have a healthy winner! Find the full recipe for hung curd dip here.

7. Plain crackers with Pesto

If chips and nachos are not your thing, plain crackers with pesto is just the right combination for your weekend binge. Made with fresh basil leaves, garlic and olive oil – this pesto sauce recipe is going to become your favourite. Click here for the recipe.

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