7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Jamun That You Must Know


Juicy fruits are nothing short of a wholesome indulgence. And one such fruit we cannot resist is jamun. Also known as black plum, java plum or Indian blackberry, this amazing fruit is full of nutrients. Its deep purple colour only makes it more appealing. Jamuns are tart to taste – which is why they are often consumed with a little bit of salt. Many of us have a habit of feasting on this fruit since our childhood. But did you know that they are great for your health too? Here’s why you should be taking advantage of the season and consuming more jamuns:
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Here Are 7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Jamun (Black Plum / Indian Blackberry)

1. Aids Digestion


Jamun may help you deal with certain digestive issues.

Having a high fibre and water content, jamun can help improve digestion and regulate bowel movements. It can provide relief from issues such as flatulence. However, note that they are acidic in nature, and this may cause stomach problems in some people.

2. Improves Oral Health

Jamuns can help treat bleeding gums and gingivitis. Its juice can also be used as a mouthwash. Jamun leaves are said to have antibacterial properties that can also enhance your oral health.

3. Enhances immunity

Apart from vitamin C, Jamun also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help you fight against infections and diseases. It is considered to help those suffering from asthma, flu and similar conditions.
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4. Good for your blood


Jamuns can help purify your blood

Those suffering from iron deficiency and low haemoglobin should add more jamuns to their diet. Its vitamin C and iron content also help purify the blood and get rid of toxins. Additionally, jamuns are rich in potassium, which can help manage blood pressure and boost heart health.

5. Can Help With Weight Loss

Jamuns are high in fibre while being low in calories. It can help promote satiety and thus help you on your weight loss journey. They make for a yummy yet healthy snack that will curb your appetite and keep cravings at bay.

6. Good For Your Skin

Jamuns contain vitamins A, B and C as well as antioxidants that are important for your skin health. Their astringent nature is also beneficial for your skin. Consuming jamun may promote collagen production, making your skin more supple. Since they purify your system, they can also help prevent breakouts in the form of acne. So if you want that youthful glow, you should start consuming more of this fruit.

7. May Help Diabetics

Jamun is said to help deal with common symptoms of type 2 diabetes such as frequent urination and thirst. Their low glycaemic index also makes them suitable for diabetics.

Now you have 7 amazing reasons to relish jamuns. Add them to your diet today!
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