9 Best Restaurants Across The World To Add To Your Bucket List


A common conversation point among people these days is the idea or concept of a ‘bucket list’. Like it or hate it, we all undoubtedly have a list of places to visit, foods to eat and experiences to cross off our list before we die. While we’re planning where to travel – the priority for food-lovers is always searching for good quality food which would form a memorable meal and a wholesome dining experience. We have found some amazing restaurants from all over the world that every foodie should visit at least once. So, if you are pondering where to go and what your next destination would be, make your pick from these cities that are home to some of the best restaurants around the globe. The list is in no particular order and is by no means exhaustive. But trust us when we say this, these will surely make your journey the one to remember.

Here Are 9 Best Restaurants Across The World To Add To Your Bucket List:

1. Eleven Madison Park, New York

Located in the heart of the Big Apple, Eleven Madison Park is on every foodie’s bucket list. The fine-dining restaurant has been owned by chef Daniel Humm since 2011. Interestingly, their tasting menu is entirely plant-based and they also provide meals to the less-privileged who experience food insecurity.

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2. The Fat Duck, England

Run by one of the most celebrated names in the world of food, Heston Blumenthal, The Fat Duck is an institution in itself. Situated in Berkshire, England, it is a three-Michelin-star restaurant that serves innovative British cuisine. At this eatery, it’s all about a creative approach to multi-sensory dining.

3. Le Louise XV, Monaco

Another one on this list with three Michelin stars, Le Louise XV is said to be inspired by the French Riviera. Located at L’Hotel de Paris in Monaco, the restaurant is helmed by renowned chef Alain Ducasse. Modern, light and energising – their focus is on Mediterranean food and ‘naturality’ while being respectful about the planet’s resources.

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4. Sushi Saito, Tokyo

Award-winning restaurant Sushi Saito is a hit among Tokyo’s food-lovers and serves quality food to its loyal patrons. Its notable offerings include sushi, sashimi, and other such Japanese delights. Chef and owner Takashi Saito has built a reputation for offering one of the best sushi in Tokyo, and that too at relatively affordable prices.

5. L’Ami Jean, Paris

Planning to dine in a relaxed atmosphere with the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower? L’Ami Jean has to be your top pick. A traditional bistro serving French classics, the restaurant is the brainchild of chef Stephane Jego. The Michelin-starred chef is extremely passionate about seasonal produce and staying true to the 1930’s legacy while innovating constantly.

6. Geranium, Copenhagen

The world’s best restaurant for 2022, Geranium has panoramic views of the stunning Nordic gardens paired with excellent food. Their menu is meat-free, seasonal and has 20 courses spread out over three hours. Chef and owner Soren Lodet makes it a point to personally welcome each guest at this restaurant.

7. Steirereck, Vienna

With two Michelin stars in its kitty, Steirereck in Vienna, Austria is definitely worth travelling to and experiencing the local cuisine. The ingenuity of chef Heinz Reitbauer shows in every dish at the restaurant – right from the regional produce to even the bread and cheese trolleys! Its chic design and impeccable service will keep you coming back for more.

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8. White Rabbit, Russia

A restaurant and bar situated on the 16th floor of Smolenskaya Square, White Rabbit pairs quality dining with a picturesque view thanks to its glass dome. Celebrated chef Vladimir Mukhin has curated a brilliant menu, reinventing Russian classics with a contemporary twist.

9. Odette, Singapore

Another award-winning restaurant from Singapore, Odette is located inside the National Gallery in the vibrant city. Its soothing interiors are the perfect complement to chef Julien Royer’s excellent food made with artisanal ingredients sourced from all over the world. Interestingly, the chef had named the restaurant ‘Odette’ in memory of his grandmother who inspired his culinary journey in a big way.

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Do make sure to secure your reservations at these restaurants well in advance. Bon appetit!

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