Add Some More Sweetness To Your Winter Meals With These Delicious Halwa Recipes


Halwa makes for an essential traditional dessert in Indian households. Apart from being the best treat for sweet lovers, halwa is connected with our ancestral legacy. The way you prepare varies from home to home. The recipes are passed on from one generation to another.  Don’t you agree? Well, if you are bored with the regular halwa at your place, try something new this time. Chef Kunal Kapur has shared a recipe for flavourful badam halwa on Instagram. To make this, first, you have to soak almonds in water and then, remove their skin. Put peeled almonds into a grinder along with milk and blend it well. Heat some ghee in a kadhai and add the almond paste. Gradually add rose water, kewra water and some more milk. Keep mixing it until it’s cooked properly. Add crushed and roasted dry fruits and serve hot.

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If you think this appetising halwa has left you drooling, here are some more recipes that will trigger your taste buds. Right from the winter staple gajar ka halwa to walnut halwa, there are many varieties that you can prepare at home. Here, we have listed five recipes for you.

Here’re 5 Gajar Halwa Recipes To Try This Winter:

1) Gajar ka halwa

This epic sweet delight and the winter season go hand in hand. Our winter meals just don’t look complete without a generous amount of gajar ka halwa. Stock up your kitchen with carrots to prepare this yummy treat. Put in a lot of dry fruits to add more taste and flavour to your halwa. Find the recipe here.

2) Moong dal halwa

Let’s agree, this is one dish that leaves us too excited at wedding parties or dinner receptions. Moong dal halwa is a rich and classic Indian sweet treat that makes for a must-have delight in this season. You can make this sumptuous moong dal halwa easily at home. Click here for the recipe.

3) Punjabi-style gud ka halwa

After all, when will you have gud ka halwa if not in this season? This super tasty preparation of gud, semolina, jaggery, fennel seeds, saffron, butter, dry fruits and milk is worth trying. People in Punjab and other states in North India swear by this delicacy. Make it at home and treat yourself. Recipe here.

4) Sooji besan halwa

This yummy sooji besan halwa will surely satiate you to the core. Also, it gets ready in just twenty minutes so you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen. Find the recipe here.   

5) Walnut halwa

How about giving a healthy twist to your halwa? Make it a guilt-free experience with this sweet and healthy halwa prepared with ground walnuts. Apart from walnuts, you will also need sugar, cucumber seeds, cardamom powder, saffron, dates and milk to make this delicacy. Recipe here.   

We hope you get to try all these varieties at home with your loved ones around.  

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