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LUCKNOW: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday refused tea at the Lucknow Police headquarters, and expressed his doubt whether he would be given poison over there. He had reached there in protest against the arrest of the worker as well as the operator of the Twitter handle of the party.

Akhilesh said, “We will not drink tea here. We’ll bring ours (tea), take your cup. We can’t drink, will you give poison? We don’t believe you. We’ll get it from outside.”
Samajwadi Party workers came face-to-face with police as they protested outside the Police Headquarters in Lucknow over the arrest of SP media cell leader Manish Jagan Agarwal.
Hazratganj police arrested the operator of the Samajwadi Party media cell Twitter, Manish Jagan Agarwal on Sunday on the account of making indecent comments targeting different persons from the political arena on social media for quite some time.
As per the sources, the Twitter quarrel between BJP and the Samajwadi Party was going on for some time.
As per police sources, three cases have been registered in Hazratganj Kotwali against Manish Jagan Agarwal.
The social media in-charge of BJP Yuva Morcha, Richa Rajput had also filed a case against the Twitter handle of the Samajwadi party on January 4, as per the sources.
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Watch Akhilesh Yadav refuses tea offered by UP cops, says ‘What if there is poison in it?’

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