“Almost Broke Dude’s Arm”: Man Loses Patience With Turkish Ice Cream Vendor


Turkish ice cream vendors have earned a reputation across the world for their hilariously unique style of serving ice cream. From teasing customers with a scoop of vanilla to pretending to drop an ice cream cone; we all are familiar with their antics but most of us still end up falling for them. There are plenty of videos on the Internet where we see people getting pranked by the Turkish ice cream vendor leaving the onlookers in splits. But there are some who just refuse to get tricked by the vendor and do something even more hilarious! One such video has gone viral that shows a person losing his patience for the vendor’s playful acts and grabbing the ice cream himself to eat it.

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Uploaded on Twitter, the clip shows a Turkish ice cream vendor doing his usual tricks with a man. The customer waits for the right moment and then instantly grabs the ice cream vendor’s large spoon before aggressively moving it from one side to another. He then proceeds to eat the ice cream directly from the spoon as others surrounding him are seen having a good time. The vendor even offers him a tissue later which he snatches while feeling proud of his victory.

“I feel like this is how I would react if I met one of these vendors lol,” the caption read.

The video has amassed more than 2 million views on the platform and has drawn amusing reactions.

“Bro wasn’t having it,” a person wrote.

One user said, “Almost broke the dude’s arm”.

“His very proud face after he won the battle, I can’t,” a comment read.

One person wrote, “He wants a show so he gave him the show that he wants”.

The clip was indeed entertaining for many.

“I was crying (something completely unrelated) & this made me burst out laughing mid-cry,” a user wrote.

“This guy said I ain’t playing with you,” a comment read.

Another user said, “We all know this guy at parties. The guy you love to videotape once but never invite again,” a user wrote.

So, have you been to a Turkish ice cream vendor? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments. 

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