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Amazon Great Indian Festival: 5 Stylish Drinkware Picks For Your Diwali Party

Amazon Great Indian Festival: 5 Stylish Drinkware Picks For Your Diwali Party


Diwali is just around the corner, and the festive spirit is at an all-time high. People are busy decorating their houses with lights and diyas. And let’s not forget the Diwali-special parties that take place around this time. It provides a perfect opportunity for friends and family to get into the festive spirit together. It goes without saying that delicious food and drinks are the highlight of such parties. So, why not make that extra effort to present them well too? If you too are planning to host one, we suggest it’s the ideal time to upgrade your drinkware. And what better place to buy them from than the ongoing Amazon Great Indian Festival? They are offering lucrative discounts on a variety of stylish drinkware, as well as dinnerware and other kitchen essentials. Click here for the details.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023: Here Is A List Of 5 Drinkware To Choose From:

1. Nestasia Pebble Textured Tall Drinkware Set

The Nestasia drinkware set features a unique hammered design that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. The set includes six tall drinking glasses, making it perfect for entertaining your guests. It effortlessly blends classic charm with modern aesthetics. Originally priced at Rs. 1,980, you can buy it for Rs. 1,390.

29% off

2. PrimeWorld European Aquatic Glass Set

Another wonderful glass set that you can buy for Diwali is this one by PrimeWorld. The glasses are made from toughened glass and have a capacity of 300 ml. They are stylish and strong and will make a beautiful addition to your dinner table. Originally priced at Rs. 1,899, you can buy it for Rs. 650.

3. PrimeWorld Stripe Dancing Whiskey Glass Set

These whiskey glasses have a capacity of 300 ml, making them perfect for relaxing for longer without repeated refills. They are made of top-quality lead-free crystal and feature a thick base. Order now and enjoy your whisky in style. Originally priced at Rs. 2,699, you can buy it for Rs. 698.

58% off

4. Tiener Elegant Drinking Glasses

Tiener drinking glasses offer an elegant and sophisticated look and feature a unique glass shape. They feel great to hold in your hands and will surely impress your guests as well. They are best for serving mocktails and cocktails. Originally priced at Rs. 2,499, you can buy it for Rs. 999.

28% off

5. Vilon Premium Stylish Old Fashion Rocks Tumblers

The Vilon glass set includes six glasses made of pure crystal. They have an extremely attractive design and are quite sturdy. They are suitable for serving whisky and will definitely make a charming addition to your Diwali party. Originally priced at Rs. 2,999, you can now buy them for Rs. 999.

50% off

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