American Nutritionist Reveals Food Poisoning Secrets; The Third Food Item Might Shock Indians


It is impossible to think that something that you love so dearly could harm you so bad. At least that is what I thought until my most favourite dish in the world landed me in a bad case of food poisoning. A local street cart where I had enjoyed momos and noodles for almost all of my adult life had used day-old stock of veggies and other ingredients and that is when I realised just how many people are affected by food poisoning because of the slightest carelessness. Especially with seasonal changes around the corner, it is of utmost importance to make sure you are particularly sure about the safety and freshness of the ingredients that you are about to consume. The perils of food poisoning, however, are not restricted to street vendors or restaurants. If you are not careful enough, you may suffer the consequences with homemade food too.

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There are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to food. The obvious ones are: don’t keep it out in the open for too long, wash fruits before consuming them, and boil water when you are not sure about its safety. However, there is much more to keep in mind when trying to prevent food poisoning and we came across a helpful video by an American nutritionist listing out other important points to consider. Cory L Rodriguez is an American holistic nutritionist and health expert who has recently uploaded a video on his Instagram profile explaining what foods are most likely to give you food poisoning. Along with the list, he has also explained why these items will give you food poisoning and how can you avoid getting infected. The list has food items like lettuce, meat, and rice too! Yes, Cory says that cooked rice that has been kept in the open for too long will produce toxins. Here are other foods to avoid:

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The tips that Cory has shared to avoid food poisoning through these food items are quite simple and can be followed by the majority of us. The caption to Cory’s video lists the tips for each of the food items.

1. Poultry: Food poisoning through undercooked poultry can easily be avoided by just making sure to thoroughly cook the meat.

2. Lettuce: To avoid food poisoning through lettuce, buy the whole lettuce and take off the outer leaves before consuming.

3. Rice: We Indians are dependent on rice and to avoid food poisoning through this staple, we need to make sure to put the cooked rice in the fridge within an hour. Don’t let it sit out for too long and definitely throw it out after 5 days.

4. Melons: When buying melons, especially honeydew and cantaloupe, buy the whole version and cut it up yourself rather than getting half-cut melons from the store.

5. Store-Bought Meat: If you buy store-bought meat, make sure to buy high-quality meat from a quality store and never leave it out of the fridge for too long.

6. Sprouts: When it comes to sprouts, just because of the nature of how they are made, it’s very important to get yours from a quality source. Rinse before consuming.

There you go, follow these tips shared by Cory Rodriguez to avoid food poisoning in the upcoming summer months.

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