Amp Up Your Friday Feast With These 7 Kofta Curries; Recipes Inside


We live a very hectic life occupied by deadlines and work pressure. So, most of us look forward to the weekends to spend some quality time with our family members and bond over some good food and laughter. And since Friday marks the beginning of the weekend, wouldn’t it be a great idea to rustle up something for a feast that you can enjoy with your family? We have a list of drool-worthy kofta curries that you can make at home and enjoy with your family. These family-friendly meal ideas wouldn’t take a lot of time either, so you can start your weekend early instead of spending all night on it.

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Here are 7 kofta curry recipes for you:

1) Malai kofta

We all know about this kofta curry, and have, at some point, relished it at restaurants and dinner parties. After all, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like digging in flavourful koftas dipped in a wholesome gravy cooked with a bunch of spices. Serve it hot with naan or regular chapatis.

paneer kofta

2) Ajwaini paneer kofta

We bet you’ll like this delightful kofta curry that has panner, ajwain, and tomato puree among other ingredients. Just make sure you add all the ingredients properly and follow the cooking process given in the recipe.

3) Aloo kofta

This is one of the easiest kofta curries you’ll stumble upon. Potatoes are easily available in our kitchens and we just love to relish them in most desi dishes. It’s time you give a makeover to your regular potato curries and try this out. It’s truly yummy, comforting and can be easily made in just about 15 minutes.

arbi kofta 620

4) Lauki kofta

Most of us are reluctant to have bottle gourd (lauki) in our meals. This could be simply because it doesn’t appeal to our tastebuds. However, one of the ways to add this vegetable to our diet is my making some yummy koftas out of it.

5) Chicken kofta

Chicken lover, worry not. We have something for you as well. To make chicken kofta, you need to first add a few ingredients to minced chicken and make balls out of it. Then cook it with in a gravy loaded with an array of spices.


6) Mushroom kofta

Many of us are fond of mushroom dishes. Mushroom kofta could be a welcome addition to your dinner table. Team it with steamed rice for that perfect combination.

7) Cabbage kofta

To make this, all you need to do is prepare balls with shredded cabbage mixed with some spices. Make a rich gravy separately and add dry fruits too. Finally, add the fried cabbage balls into the gravy and your kofta is ready.

We hope you celebrate the start of the weekend with these mouth-watering kofta recipes.

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