Anushka Sharma Teams This Buttery Delight With Her Coffee


Anushka Sharma is a true-blue foodie. She is particular about her diet plans and workout regime, but she is also someone who doesn’t like compromising on the food items that are close to her heart. Anushka has often expressed her love for home-cooked food and desserts. Now, she is back with another culinary adventure. The actress gave us a glimpse of her latest indulgence on Instagram Stories. It features some delicious coffee. Well, that’s not the only thing she enjoyed. She teamed the drink with a mouth-watering butter rusk. The crispy treat garnished with butter on top looked very tasty. For the caption, Anushka wrote, “Sunrise bakery butter rusk with coffee,” with a heart emoji. Take a look:


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Apart from the rusk that Anushka Sharma had, there are many other baked food items that can be relished with your steaming hot cuppa. Here’s a list of five crisp snacks that can be easily prepared at home to pair with your cup of tea or coffee. 

1. Butter Cookies

Yes, you can make these sumptuous butter cookies at home. The required ingredients are flour, egg, butter, sugar and vanilla essence. You can make some crispy butter cookies in just 25 minutes and store them also for future indulgence. Find the recipe here.

2. Puff Pastry

This delight tastes really good with chai or coffee. You can also snack on it any time you feel hungry. This puff pastry is light, flaky and truly enticing. It can also be your go-to snack even in the evening when hunger pangs strike out of nowhere. Click here for the recipe.

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3. Cinnamon Rolls

Hot cinnamon rolls oozing with butter and sugar are simply irresistible. These are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort either. You just need five to six basic things like maida, powdered sugar, cinnamon powder, butter, milk and baking soda and thirty minutes to prepare this. Recipe here.  

4. Croissant

How many of you like croissants? This French delicacy can make our hearts sing. This flaky treat tantalises your tastebuds. So, if you are a baker, do try this out at home. You can have croissants with your favourite brew and even alone as a yummy snack. Find out the recipe here.

5. Pound cake

Those who like sweet treats can also opt for this simple and delectable pound cake. You can enjoy this wonderful cake as dessert after a meal. This sweet dish is for all those who don’t like creamy cakes. Recipe here

What do you usually prefer with your tea or coffee? Do share your answers with us.

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