Top 10 Health Benefits of Ardha Chakrasana (2023)


Ardha Chakrasana is known as the Half Wheel Pose as it is the precursor to practicing Chakrasana, the full-wheel pose. Highly beneficial for toning lower back muscles and increasing their flexibility. The backward stretch helps in cutting the flab from the hips and thighs.

The spinal column becomes flexible. It helps the body grow in the right proportions. Muscles of the neck and shoulders become strong and their capacity is enhanced. Complaints of indigestion, loss of appetite, etc. are reduced. Headaches and disorders of the neck and throat are checked.

Benefits of Ardha Chakrasan - The Half-Wheel Posture
Ardha Chakrasana- The Half-Wheel Posture

Top 10 Benefits of Ardha Chakrasana:

  1. This asana helps to improve your lung capacity. 
  2. Ardha Chakrasana yoga is helpful to reduce and relieve menstrual pain or disorder. 
  3. This asana helps to stimulate abdominal organs.
  4. This asana helps to relieve shoulder and neck pain.
  5. This asana is also helpful to control high blood sugar levels and to stimulate the pancreas.
  6. Ardha Chakrasana” also helps to increase your back and spine muscles. 
  7. This asana helps to tone your shoulders, things, and waist. 
  8. This asana is known to be one of the best exercises to get rid of back pain or lower back pain problems.
  9. Ardha Chakrasana yoga helps to cure respiratory disorders. 
  10. This asana helps to stretch your abdomen, stomach, and intestine muscles.

How to perform?

  1. First, raise your hands straight and then bend backward.
  2. You can also place your hands on your hips while bending backward.
  3. When you are bending backward it is important to not bend your knees.
  4. Try to breathe slowly while performing this asana and also hold this position for a few seconds.
  5. Now while exhaling you need to come straight to your starting position.
  6. Repeat the above steps 3 to 5 times.


  1. Persons suffering from disorders of the neck, back, and lumbar regions should avoid performing this asana.
  2. Those suffering from cardiac disorders, blood pressure, and such disorders should not perform asanas without the guidance of an experienced yoga trainer. Such patients need to pay more attention to pressure and breathing.
  3. After every asana, you should rest for 10-20 seconds. In rest, position palms should face the sky and the body should be relaxed.
  4. Inhalation and exhalation should be natural while performing all asanas. Care should be taken to see that breath is not withheld at any stage.
  5. It should be understood that every asana tends to prevent disease.
  6. After performing asanas in the supine position you should rest for some time and then take up asanas lying on the stomach.
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