Home HEALTH & FITNESS Are Your Kids Fussy Eaters? Try This Tasty Banana Paneer Paratha To Tackle Their Tantrums

Are Your Kids Fussy Eaters? Try This Tasty Banana Paneer Paratha To Tackle Their Tantrums

Are Your Kids Fussy Eaters? Try This Tasty Banana Paneer Paratha To Tackle Their Tantrums


Some kids enjoy eating carrots, broccoli, and apples while others only wish to have an all-carb diet of rice, pasta, and bread. Kids, who are fussy eaters, can go through a fickle process of developing food preferences which can deprive them of the goodness of fruits and vegetables. Deprivation of vital vitamins, minerals and proteins can hinder their overall well-being. This is why it becomes difficult for parents and caregivers to find innovative ways to incorporate nutritious elements into their children’s diets. One of the easy ways to incorporate the goodness of vegetables and dairy into your diet is by exploring creative recipes to appeal to children’s taste buds while offering nutritional benefits.

Digital content creator Nitya Hegde recently shared an easy recipe for Banana Paneer paratha which is a blend of flavours and nutrients. The best part is that this innovative recipe combines the goodness of bananas and cottage cheese which is a rich source of proteins, calcium, carbohydrates and vitamins. Want to learn how to make Banana Paneer paratha at home? Read on to learn the steps of the recipe as shared by Nitya Hegde.

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How To Make Banana Paneer Paratha At Home | Banana Paneer Paratha Recipe

Take bananas and mash them with a fork in a bowl. Add whole wheat flour, jaggery powder and salt in the bowl and mix ingredients well. Add water and make a dough of the concoction. Set aside. Take a slab of paneer (cottage cheese) and grate it in a bowl along with carrots. Add black salt, cumin and chilli powder to the mixture and mix all the ingredients well. Take a small part of the dough and fill it with the carrot paneer mixture. Quickly flatten it with a rolling pin and shape it like a paratha. Cook the paratha on the stove and add ghee for extra moisture. Enjoy!

Is Banana Paneer Paratha Healthy?

Yes! Banana Paneer paratha is extremely healthy and also tasty. It has a slightly sweet taste due to the presence of bananas and jaggery powder in it. It is a creative way to add more nutrition and flavour to your kids’ diet. What’s more, you can even pair it with dry and gravy sabzis. This paratha can also be paired with yummy mint or boondi raita alongside an assortment of colourful salads. 

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