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Banana Chips Like Youve Never Seen! Try These Healthy Non-Fried Delights

Banana Chips Like Youve Never Seen! Try These Healthy Non-Fried Delights


Who doesn’t adore chips, right? From the little ones to the grown-ups, everyone’s got a soft spot for these crunchy delights. But hold up – we’re not just talking about your regular potato chips here. Think beyond and imagine a world of banana chips! Whether we’re on a road trip or having a cosy movie night, these munchies have our backs. Traditionally, making these crispy wonders involves slicing raw bananas into delicate pieces, followed by a satisfying dip in coconut oil until they reach that gloriously golden crisp. But hey, coconut oil isn’t everyone’s jam, so you can go for your preferred cooking oil. However, for those who shy away due to the deep-frying game, fret not, because today we’re unveiling a game-changing healthy version of these banana chips.

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Welcome the non-fried banana chips – your guilt-free crunchy companion! These babies come together in a jiffy and pack a punch of spice that’ll wake up those taste buds of yours. The magic happens in an air fryer, preheated to a cosy 160 degrees Celsius. While traditional banana chips dance with turmeric and salt, this recipe takes it up a notch with a medley of red chilli, black pepper, chaat masala, and roasted cumin. But before you dive into the recipe, let’s sprinkle some easy-peasy tips your way.

4 Tips to Make Non-Fried Masala Banana Chips:

1. Size matters – keep those banana slices uniform for chip perfection. Want ’em thin? Grab that slicer and work your magic.

2. A little dip in water post-slicing keeps the darkness at bay. Pat ’em dry with a kitchen towel, then either fry ’em up or let the air fryer work its charm.

3. Pop those slices into the air fryer basket, making sure they’re cosy in a single layer.

4. Guess what? These chips can even grace your Navratri fasting table – just swap the regular salt for rock salt and you’re golden!

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Ready to Rock the Kitchen? Let’s Make Some Non-Fried Masala Banana Chips!

Non-Fried Masala Banana Chips recipe: How to Make Non-Fried Masala Banana Chips

Peel, slice, and dice those bananas with a chip cutter. A dash of oil, a sprinkle of turmeric, a pinch of salt – mix it up like a pro. Lay ’em out, solo-style, in the air fryer basket, and if you’re feeling fancy, drizzle a bit more oil on top. Set your air fryer to a toasty 160 degrees Celsius, and let the transformation begin.

Want the full recipe? Click here for the full recipe.

Crispy, homemade, and brimming with wholesome goodness, these Masala Banana Chips are your ticket to snacking nirvana. Pair ’em up with a piping hot cup of tea, and you’re ready to take on the world – one delectable chip at a time.


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