Bhagyashrees “Meal For The Day” Was This Popular Thai Salad


A bowl of yummy butter chicken or paneer butter masala with freshly prepared tandoori naan can take your taste buds on a joyous ride. But let’s admit, sometimes, salads can give you the ultimate foodie satisfaction. Bonus? They are extremely good for the tummy as well as super nutritious. Each ingredient that goes into a bowl of salad has a unique health-benefiting quality of its own. To sum it up – salads are full-filling, delicious, healthy and loaded with colours and flavours. We don’t know about you but Bhagyashree definitely enjoys relishing this healthy food item every other day. The actress started her Saturday morning with a bowl of Thai salad. She shared a picture of her nutritious meal on Instagram Stories. The Thai meal was basically a Green Papaya salad, which was served with some tofu. We could also spot a refreshing drink – which looked like some fruit juice – placed adjacent to the bowl of salad. 


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Thai salads have multiple notes of salty, sweet, tangy and spicy layered beautifully. They are a celebration of flavours and colours in a bowl. If you are looking forward to starting your day on a fresh note, we have handpicked a bunch of Thai salad recipes that can be prepared easily. 

1. Som Tam 

Green Thai Raw papaya salad, also known as Som Tam, gets some freshness and tanginess from lemon juice and crunch from peanuts. Click here for the recipe.

2. Grapefruit and Pomelo Salad

Break pomelo and grapefruit – after removing the peel – into bite-sized wedges. Add some fresh lettuce along with a range of dressings to make the perfect fruity salad. Recipe Inside. 

3. Thai Mango Salad

This yummy indulgence is served on a bed of lettuce. Toss raw mangoes and onions with mint leaves, soya sauce, red chillies and some sugar. Get the recipe now. 


Raw mangoes are made into this scrumptious Thai salad. Photo: iStock

4. Chilli Broccoli Salad

Prepare the chilli vinaigrette and leave it for 2-3 hours. Get the curd topping ready with enough seasoning. Now, layer the broccoli florets with a generous amount of chilli vinaigrette, and finally the curd mix. Recipe here. 

5. Thai Beef Salad 

Pan-fry beef steaks until medium-rare, and top it off with chopped onions, cucumbers, lemongrass as well as some spring onions. Squeeze some lemon and sprinkle Thai fish sauce to pack a punch of flavours. Click here for the recipe. 

Which one is your favourite Thai salad? Let us know in the comments.

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