Biryani Samosa Is The Latest Bizarre Food Combo On Twitter, Would You Try It?


Fresh, crispy samosas are one of the best comfort snacks. Samosas are also famous because they can accommodate a variety of fillings. Veggies, lentils, poha, cheese, keema, chicken… you can stuff all of these inside a samosa and they would still turn out tasty. These varieties are not new to us. But have you ever heard of people stuffing biryani inside a samosa? The idea of a rice filling itself seems unusual. But the idea that someone would go through the trouble of making biryani only to use it as samosa stuffing seems bizarre, doesn’t it? But that is exactly what someone seems to have done.
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Recently, a Twitter user posted two photos showing a “biryani samosa.” In the first photo, we see an uncooked samosa filled with flavourful rice. In the second, we see the biryani stuffing coming out of the crisp exterior, once broken. The Tweet has received 110.9K views since being posted 2 days ago. See the images below:

The Tweet sparked many reactions from foodies. While some found the combo unappetising, others seemed curious to try it. A few people were absolutely put off by the idea. Some confessed that they were interested although it seemed like a weird combo. One user wrote, “Somebody please BAN this person from going to the kitchen.” Another commented, “It’s one of those love-hate relationships for me.” A third user wrote, “God bless those who will eat this cold.” Read how some of the other netizens reacted below:

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What do you think of this samosa? Would you like to taste it? Let us know in the comments.

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