Bread Dahi Chaat: Whip Up This Street-Style Chaat In 20 Minutes


There’s something about chaat that no other food can replace. Whether it’s a yummy papdi chaat filled with boiled potatoes or a raj kachori overflowing with a mix of chutneys, a chaat is always a delight to have! Even though it is one of the easiest street foods to make, getting that street-style taste can still be a challenge for many of us. And that’s not only it; many times, while preparing chaat at home, we may not have the correct ingredients like papdi or sev that holds the essence of it. So, if you also crave chaat but don’t have the required things to make it, then fret not, as today we bring you an easy and delicious recipe of bread Dahi chaat! As the name suggests, this chaat is made with a mix of crispy bread, and the classic flavours of chaat to give you a zing in the taste!

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To make this dish, all you would need to do is pan-fry your bread till it is crisp and then combine it with boiled potatoes, different chutneys and spices to finish it. Sounds easy, right? You can quickly whip up this recipe whenever you feel hungry or when you have unexpected guests at home. With just 20 minutes in its preparation, we are sure that everyone will absolutely love this quick bread Dahi chaat. Read the full recipe below:


Here Is The Recipe Of Bread Dahi Chaat | Easy Chaat Recipe

First, take five to six pieces of bread and cut them into small bite-size pieces. Now you can either choose to bake it or pan fry it till crispy. Once it is done, let it come to room temperature and then add it to a bowl. To this, now add yoghurt, green chutney, imly chutney, boiled potatoes and boiled chana. Mix again. Next, add spices like pepper, red chilli powder, chaat masala and salt as per taste and combine again. Lastly, add pomegranate and sev or bhujia from the top to relish!

For the full recipe of bread Dahi chaat, click here.

Make this yummy recipe and let us know how you liked its taste in the comments section below.

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