Businessman Anand Mahindra Shared Food For Thought On Twitter And Its Winning Hearts


Anand Mahindra shared another interesting Twitter post.


  • Business tycoon Anand Mahindra posted an inpirational post.
  • The Twitter post sends a strong message about sharing food.
  • See how the followers reacted ot this heart-warming post.

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra is quite active on Twitter. His Twitter feed includes many food posts; some being informative, some are ‘just for fun’ and some being pure inspirational. His latest post gave us some ‘food for thought’ for the weekend with a heart-warming message on kindness and love by sharing food. Anand Mahindra tweeted a post sharing how some African kids taught the lesson of selflessness by deciding to share the limited resource of food among all of them rather than letting just one having it all.

Anand Mahindra’s Twitter post read a story about some kids from an African tribe when they were asked to play a game by an anthropologist, the reward for which was fruits. The child among the lot who would win a race and reach a tree first would be gifted with sweet fruits. What happens next? Read on.

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The children, instead of competing with each other, joined hands to finish the race together so that all of them could share the prize of fruits! Anand Mahindra’s post concluded with: “The astonished anthropologist asked the children why they all ran together, because each of them could enjoy the fruit for himself. To which the children replied: ‘Obonato.’ Is it possible for one to be happy if everyone else is sad?”

Anand Mahindra accompanied this post with the caption: “Food for thought for the weekend. In India, we say ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.”


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The post received more than 8k likes and hundreds of replies like:

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Isn’t it a great story to share with others? We wish more people in the world think and act like this.



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