Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Invents Bizarre Grapes Pizza; Twitter Is Divided


Jamie Oliver launched unique pizza with grapes as topping.


  • Celeb chef Jamie Oliver shared recipe of pizza with grapes toppping.
  • He posted a poll on Twitter asking for users’ opinions.
  • The unique pizza recipe recieved mixed reactions.

What is with pizza that everyone is trying to spin it with their own experiment? Pineapple pizza created quite a furore in recent times while dividing the internet into staunch groups – one loved the idea while the other snubbed it outrightly. Then there was also kiwi pizza that outraged many pizza lovers and the more recently froot loops as a pizza topping again provided fodder for internet debate. In the long-drawn war over fruity pizzas, here’s a new entrant in the ring to take on the wrath and love at the same time. Grapes pizza is the latest bizarre pizza to rattle your mind.

It was none other than celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to invent this unique pizza with grapes as one of the toppings. He calls it “speedy sausage pizza” and launched it in on one of the recent episodes of his cooking show, “Keep Cooking Family Favourites.” The pizza was garnished with the usual onion, sausage and not-so-shocking pine nuts, but red grapes gave a whole new dimension to it. 

Take a look –

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Jamie Oliver shared the recipe on his website and titled it “My favourite speedy sausage pizza” The pizza can be made in all of 30 minutes. In the recipe, the grapes are first sauteed in pan for a minute, then tossed over the pizza. 

Jamie Oliver also posted a poll on Twitter seeking opinion of other users. If course, he received mixed reactions for this new pizza innovation. 

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“The only grapes that should go with pizza are in red wine,”


“Looks delicious,” “Will definitely be giving it a go!”

“To the “Nah” crowd… you never enjoyed a platter with cheese, baguette, and… grapes?”

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