Centre Issues Fresh Covid-19 Guidelines For Restaurants: All You Need To Know



  • Centre shares fresh guidelines for restaurant.
  • Government took to its Twitter handle to make the announcement.
  • These new guidelines are announced to contain spread of Covid.

After months-long lockdown due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, India is gradually stepping out of their houses and adapting the ‘new normal’. People have started going to schools, offices, malls, hotels etc while maintaining proper guidelines as suggested by the Government. Many of us are also hitting our favourite restaurants to enjoy the delicacies and socialize with friends, family and close ones. While we are getting comfortable with the ‘new normal’ (and the recommended guidelines), Centre issues a fresh set of guidelines to contain further spread of the COVID-19 in restaurants.

Taking to their Twitter handle MyGovIndia, the Centre announced the rules that were updated on March 1, 2020. “Looking forward to enjoying quality family time at your favourite restaurant? Don’t forget to follow the COVID Precautions too! Take a look at the updated set of guidelines to be followed to contain the spread of COVID-19 w.e.f 1st March 2021. #IndiaFightsCorona,” the announcement post on Twitter read. Let’s take a look at the update guidelines.

COVID 19: Updated Guidelines One Must Follow While Visiting Restaurants:

1. Encourage takeaways instead of Dine-in. Food delivery to be done duly following adequate precautions.

2. Mandatory provision of sanitizer dispenser and thermal screening at the entrance.

3. Only asymptomatic staff and patrons to be allowed.

4. Mandatory use of face covers/masks for all staff and patrons and to be worn at all times inside the restaurant.


5. Additional patrons to be seated in a designated waiting area with norms of social distancing.

6. Separate entry and exits for patrons, staff and goods/supplies to be ensured.

7. Maintaining physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet while queuing up for entry and inside the restaurant.

8. Seating arrangement amongst patrons to be made in such a way that adequate physical distancing is maintained.

9. Use disposable menus, good quality disposable paper napkins to be encouraged.

10. Buffet service to follow social distancing norms among patrons.

11. Number of people in elevators to be restricted and social distancing norms to be followed.

12. Use escalators with one person on alternate steps to be encouraged.

13. Gatherings/congregation to be maintained in accordance with the SOPs of the State/UT concerned.

14. Contactless mode of ordering and digital mode of payment to be encouraged.

Find The Complete/Detailed Guideline Here:

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