Chawal Ki Hisse – Try This Traditional Rice Biscuit From Bihar And Maharashtra (Watch Recipe Video)


Spring is here and it is that time of the year when you love to go out enjoy every bit of the pleasant, longer days. Spring also brings along a string of festivals back-to-back. After marking Vasant Panchami and Mahashivratri, we are all set to celebrate the festival of colours Holi, Gudi Padwa and Vasant Navratri soon. And to make the festivals yet more special, we prepare several delicious dishes (pakwaan) and enjoy them with friends and family. People also stash their pantry with different delicious sweet and savoury snacks to keep up with the festive vibes. Visit any traditional Indian household during this time of the year, you will find boxes and jars loaded with namak pare, gujiya, sev, sakar pare and et al.

Another such popular sweet and crunchy snack is chawal ki hisse. Often referred to as anarsa, it is basically a rice-based biscuit, prepared during different festivities in Bihar and Maharashtra. A traditional anarsa includes rice flour, poppy seeds, jaggery and ghee. However, you will find different variations of this traditional recipe in different households. The Bihari version of this dish is round in shape, while the ones you get in Maharashtra are flat.

How To Make Chawal Ki Hisse | Chawal Ki Hisse Recipe | Step-By-Step Recipe Of Chawal Ki Hisse

One of the most important ingredients in a chawal ki hisse recipe is rice flour. While you can any day use readymade, store-bought rice flour to whip up chawal ki hisse, food experts suggest preparing rice flour at home to get the authentic taste of the dish. You can easily make rice flour at home by soaking, drying and then grinding rice in a blender.

We found a recipe that helps you prepare traditional chawal ki hisse from the scratch. This recipe has been shared by food vlogger Reshu on her YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu”. Let’s take a look:

Step 1. Take rice flour, powdered sugar, mawa and mix them together to form a soft dough.

Step 2. Take small portions of the dough and flatten them with your hand. Give a nice, round, disc-like shape to it.

Step 3. Deep fry the hisse on medium-low flame till they are golden brown in colour (from both sides).

Step 4. Transfer the snacks on a paper towel and soak the excess oil.

And a batch of sweet and crunchy hisse is ready to be relished. Besides the chawal ki hisse recipe, vlogger Reshu also shared a detailed recipe of how to make rice flour at home.

Watch Here The Complete Recipe Video Of Chawal Ki Hisse (Rice Biscuit):

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