Chef Vikas Khannas Take On AI Includes Mona Lisa And Indian Food


Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm. Almost every day we get to see people trying their hands on various AI applications to solve various purposes. It seems renowned chef Vikas Khanna too couldn’t hold himself from using it. What happened next? He made Mona Lisa eat delicious desi foods. You heard us. In a Twitter post, Chef Vikas spoke about his latest creation – an AI image. In the image, we could see the famous art of Leonardo Da Vinci sitting in front of a table, loaded with various Indian dishes. We could spot a paneer dish too! “Ok I did this with AI. Mona Lisa enjoying Indian Food,” he captioned the post.
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The image became an instant hit. It spread smiles and laughter from art enthusiasts and food lovers alike. 
A user commented, “Hahaha…Aise khayegi tho Mona Lisa,Moti Lisa ban jayegi. [Mona Lisa, will put on weight if she continues to eat like this.]”

A person wanted to know about the dishes on the table. “Kehra Indian food hai ethay? Anyway kehra food hai ??? [What is she eating?]”

Some were “disappointed” as there was “no samosa and jalebi”.


A few declared that  “Indian food is so delicious, I am sure even Monalisa must have liked it.”

A person added that they were expecting “biryani” too. 

Giving a shout-out to the power of AI and how in the age of technological marvels, AI has continued to captivate the world with its limitless possibilities, a person said, “Wow, this is such a creative and fun use of technology! Love seeing new ways to appreciate art and culture.”

So what do you have to say about Vikas Khanna’s latest offering?

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