Chew Momos Properly And Swallow With Care: AIIMS Issues Health Warning


We love momos, don’t we? Soft steamed dough, with meat, veggies or paneer stuffing inside, momo defines indulgence. Oh yes, how can we forget the delicious momo chutney by the side?! Already slurping? Let’s agree we can easily have plates of momos in just no time. But did you know that gulping momos without chewing them properly can be hazardous?! That’s right! Delhi’s All India Institute Of Medical Sciences recently issued a warning, after a man lost his life after choking on a momo. AIIMS recently published a report in the journal Forensic Imaging where it explained a rare case of a man dying after choking on a momo. The man was in his 50s.

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Reportedly, during the post-mortem, it was revealed that the momo got lodged in the opening of the windpipe. This is why doctors concluded that he died of choking on the dish. The experts issued ‘swallow with care’ warning after this case came to light.

The doctors further concluded that it is the slippery texture and small shape of the momo that might lead to such problems. Hence, we must chew the momos properly before swallowing them.

Studying the above points, we say, this was a one-of-a-kind situation that can be taken care of with some extra attention. Because, we just can’t give up on momos. To brighten up your mood, here we bring some delicious momo recipes for you to make at home. Click here for the recipes.

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