Comedian Calls Idli Tasteless White Sponge, Receives Flak From Food-Lovers


South Indian food has become one of the most-loved cuisines across the world. From parotta to dosa, appam to idlis – there is so much variety and deliciousness that it has to offer. Idli especially is one of the all-time favourite breakfast items for Indians all over. Dip it in sambhar or have it with chutney, there’s no resisting a batch of spongy, fluffy idlis. However, one stand-up comedian stirred up a debate on social media when he criticised idli and called it a ‘tasteless white sponge’. Take a look:

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The clip was shared by Mumbai-based comedian @agovindmenon. It has received over 705k views and 39k likes since the time it was posted. In the video, the comedian shared his thoughts about why he felt Idli was an overrated dish. “Idli is just a tasteless piece of sponge that has no personality of its own,” he said in the video. He further said that idli has no taste of its own, and only tastes good when dipped in sambhar. Then, he compared idli with Ranbir Kapoor’s acting career. “Sorry for correct opinion,” he captioned it.

Food-lovers, of course, could not bear this rant about their favourite idli. A number of them jumped to the defence of the humble South Indian dish. “Idli is my favourite and it’s not tasteless at all. Forget about Ranbir Kapoor or anyone. Do not compare anything with idli,” wrote one user. “The world is functioning smoothly because of people like Idli, quietly soaking it all. Idli does not wish to outsmart anyone, it just wants to co-exist peacefully,” said another one.

What did you think of the comedian’s idli video? Do you agree with his thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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