Comedian Vir Das Shares A Photo Of His Special Coffee. Twitter Approves


As India finds itself battling the second wave of coronavirus infections, a fresh set of lockdowns and curfews have restricted our movement. Now confined to our homes and with some extra time on our hands, many of us are revisiting our hobbies. Last year when we found ourselves in a similar situation, many of us took to the kitchen and rustled up some dishes that we are proud of. From Dalgona coffee to baked feta pasta, several dishes also went viral on social media. Giving us a sense of deja vu, actor-comedian Vir Das posted a photo of one such cooking experiment, on his Twitter account. The post features a beautiful looking glass of coffee topped with some goodies. 

Vir stoked the Internet’s curiosity when he did not name the drink and instead just wrote, “Me made”. One user, Devidutta Sahoo, even asked him if it was the famed Bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee is a drink that combines coffee, oil, and butter and looks like a latte. To this question, Vir replied, “Soy Milk cappuccino with raw cacao powder.” Soy milk is a vegan replacement for buffalo or cow milk as it is a plant-based drink.

Given how delicious it looked, several followers wanted Vir to share how exactly he made the drink. One user asked the 41-year-old to share a recipe video as well.

Comparing it to last year’s Dalgona coffee trend, one user wrote, ” What year is this? 2020? Oh, wait! That’s not Dalgona?”

“Back to square one,” read one comment, while another user wondered if this was the “new Dalgona coffee’.

Recently, the actor also caused a flurry on Twitter when he spoke about his “love-hate” relationship with avocado. In a tweet, he explained that he was 35 years old when he tried the fruit for the first time. “Now I eat at least one Avocado a week. Because I lack conviction. Not even because I enjoy it. But because I was told it matters,” wrote Vir Das, adding that he didn’t even know before then that such a fruit existed and didn’t care either. It was the world that made him care about it, he said.

Vir said that even though he ate avocado more often now, he didn’t think much of its taste. “The taste is quite literally like eating matter. Green tasteless particles that need to be topped up with eggs and toast and mostly approval from an otherwise cruel world.”

Well, what do you think about Vir’s kitchen escapades? We are curious to know.

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