Coronavirus: Study links personality changes in young adults to COVID-19 | The Times of India


Studies in the past have looked at how the SARs-CoV-2 virus affects brain structure, leading to certain changes in personality.

As per a study published in the Nature journal, conducted by scientists from the University of Oxford, COVID-19 can have a neurological impact with many patients experiencing brain fog as one of the symptoms of the virus.

The study looked at the impact of the virus on 785 patients between the ages of 51 and 81 and compared it with a control group.

“A greater reduction in grey matter thickness”, “greater changes in markers of tissue damage”, and a “greater reduction in brain size” were some of the differences observed from those who didn’t have COVID-19.

In addition, the researchers noted that the infected patients experienced cognitive decline as a result of the infection.

“Whether this deleterious effect can be partially reversed, or whether these effects will persist in the long term, remains to be investigated with additional follow-up,” the authors wrote.

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