Courtesy Discount: Telangana Restaurant Offers Discount On Saying Thank You


Hotels and restaurants execute various strategies to impress their patrons – deals and discounts being the most common ones in the lot. Discount is a very common affair in the hospitality sector. But have you ever heard of getting a discount on saying ‘Thank You’!? Yes, you read that right. A restaurant in Telangana has come up with a special offer where you can get discounts on your meals upon showing some common courtesy. For instance, if you order a veg thali, it will cost you Rs. 165. But if you say, “a veg thali please,” the same food will then cost you Rs. 150; and if you say “Good afternoon, a veg thali please,” the cost will come down to just Rs. 135. Interesting, isn’t it?

Referred to as ‘courtesy discount’, this initiative has been taken by a restaurant named ‘Dakshin-5’. According to the owners of the restaurant, the more you show courtesy, the more discounts you get. The news about this unique restaurant offer has been shared on Twitter from an account named @Dramchandram. The post reads, “Foodies in Hyderabad, check out Dakshin-5 restaurant in Khajaguda. It has a unique offer ‘Courtesy Discounts’. Pay full price of thali Rs 165/- + if you order normally. If you order pleasingly…more discounts.”

The post further has a video attached to it where we saw a person explaining why they came up with the ‘courtesy discounts’ initiative. “Common courtesy has become very uncommon. But just-inaugurated restaurant in Khajaguda in Hyderabad ‘Dakshin-5’ wants to make a difference. Enter the restaurant and say “please”, “thank you” etc. while ordering food, and enjoy discounts,” he stated.

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