Diljit Dosanjhs Cooking Session Included Sumptuous Chicken Curry, Dessert And More


No one makes the art of cooking appear as fun and interesting as Diljit Dosanjh. The singer-actor is also a self-confessed foodie. So, apart from binging on a number of finger-licking food items, he is someone who also cooks up a storm in his kitchen. He often engages in fun cooking sessions with his friends. On top of all this, Diljit’s commentary filled with humour, while cooking, is unmissable. To get an idea of what we are talking about, you need to look at his latest Instagram Stories. He gorged on a sumptuous meal prepared by himself and his friends.   

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In the first Instagram Stories, he, first, gave us an idea of what’s cooking. The menu included finger-licking fish curry (being made by one of his friends) that Diljit addressed as “Jalpari curry.” One of his vegetarian friends cooked tasty lemon mushrooms and Diljit prepared heavenly chicken curry.


Meanwhile, he also introduces his friends as “chefs” for today!


Diljit gave us a sneak peek into the lemon mushroom curry. Take a look.


Later, he kickstarts the process of cooking a sumptuous chicken curry that he called ‘Kukuduku.’ For this, Diljit heats some desi ghee in a pan, first. He, then, puts bay leaf, black peppercorns, and green cardamom. He states that these spices are called “khade masala” in Hindi and he loves them.

Gradually, Diljit adds chopped onions into the preparation and starts mixing them properly. Then comes garlic ginger paste followed by some salt, as instructed by him in the video. Diljit adds turmeric powder that brings a gorgeous bright yellow colour to the dish.  

Next, Diljit adds chicken to the preparation and starts cooking it. Then, he also pours some thick tomato and chilly puree into the curry and mixes it well.  

He, ultimately, covers the lid and lets it cook for about fifteen minutes until the next time he opens the lid and adds about two tablespoons of curd into it.

Diljit also shared a secret with his fans. He puts some pudina leaves into the chicken curry and states that this ingredient enhances the taste of the curry manifold. Finally, the chicken curry is topped with chopped green coriander leaves. Let’s agree that the chicken curry looked extremely appetising.  Diljit enjoyed it with white steamed rice as you can see in the picture.


Well, Diljit’s cooking diaries did not end here. He also rustled up a sweet dish. After all, you will need something for dessert also. Right? For this, he heated some desi ghee in a pan. Other ingredients? There were poppy seeds (khaskhas), brown sugar and desiccated coconut. He starts with desiccated coconut, roasts it properly and adds poppy seeds and ultimately, sugar. He also puts a dollop of desi ghee.  Diljit garnishes the sweet dish with a mixture of a whole lot of dry fruits.


Did Diljit inspire you to cook something delicious and special at home today?

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