Disha Patani Satiates Her Midnight Cravings With This Chocolate Treat


Disha Patani dishes out fitness goals like no other actress. Her fitness routine has two strong pillars — adequate exercise and a healthy diet. But like all of us, there are certain days when she gives in to her foodie indulgences. Those who follow Disha Patani closely would know that she has a big sweet tooth and often enjoys some yummy desserts. In her Instagram Stories, Disha Patani gave us a peek into a lip-smacking dessert which she enjoyed in Dubai. “Midnight cravings,” she wrote in the caption. She chomped on a millionaire chocolate bar, with a yummy cream filling, and drizzled with coconut shavings. Take a look at Disha Patani’s “midnight craving”:


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Desserts are perfect to satiate midnight cravings. It can get disappointing though when you find only chocolate bars in the refrigerator. We are here with a few quick recipes to whip some yummy, sweet delicacies in no time. Take notes from Disha Patani and satisfy your midnight cravings!

1. Chocolate Brownie Mug

Mix all the ingredients, pour the batter into a mug and bake it in a microwave. And, voila, a delectable chocolaty sweet indulgence is ready. Click here for the recipe. 

2. Crispy Malai Toast 

In our quest for yummy midnight snack recipes, we stumbled upon this quick toast that is ready in just 5 minutes. Try it out. 

3. Burmese Dessert 

Ditch your chocolate shenanigans and prepare this yummy Burmese dessert in just 15 minutes. Here’s the recipe. 

4. Sweet And Savoury French Toast 

Even though French toast qualifies as a yummy breakfast, no one is stopping you from relishing it at midnight. Get the recipe here. 

5. Strawberry Mess with Fruit Coulis

Quite fancy, right? Don’t worry the recipe isn’t a tedious task. All you need is some frozen berries, strawberries, whipped cream, coulis and sugar. Save this recipe. 

Try these easy-to-prepare sweet dishes and let us know your favourite.

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