Do You Know What Neena Gupta Had For Breakfast On Sunday? Itll Leave You Drooling


Toasted bread with butter and eggs, a sandwich, oatmeal, or a bowl of cereals are what one would usually call a good, filling breakfast. But nothing compares to the satisfaction of polishing off a plate of hot parathas with butter and pickle. A favourite in many households, paratha with butter and pickle is a winning combination. And that’s what actress Neena Gupta had for breakfast on Sunday. On Instagram, she shared a photo of her simple yet delicious meal. In the photo, we can see a paratha kept on a plate with some chilli pickle on the side.

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But what drew our attention was a large block of butter kept in a bowl next to the plate of paratha. Neena Gupta just wrote “good morning” on the photo.

Take a look at it here:


Neena Gupta often shares glimpses of her food adventures on social media. And going by her posts, we can say that the actress enjoys desi comfort food and even makes them at home. A couple of weeks ago, she shared a photo of her lunch on Instagram. Her meal included three different kinds of pakodas, a roti, and what appeared to be a side of some vegetables. She captioned the post, “My Lunch.” Well, all that we can say is that the comforting and subtle flavours of homemade food always soothes our souls. Take a look at Neena Gupta’s lunch here.

Neena Gupta not only likes to share glimpses of what she’s eating, but she also likes to share her recipes. If you look at her Instagram, you’ll notice that she’s a self-confessed foodie who occasionally makes recipe videos and posts them on her social media platform. A few days ago, she shared the recipe of healthy tikki. She begins the video by showing what’s needed to make the tikki. The ingredients required are potatoes, carrots, peas, and beans. After that, she steams and mashes them. When the vegetables are done, Neena adds boiled daliya, capsicum, and some spices. Then she makes a tikki out of this mash by dipping it in egg whites or bread crumbs. Finally, she pan fries it in oil. For the dip, she takes curd and combines it with a few herbs and garlic. Watch the video of the recipe here.

Neena Gupta’s culinary adventures are a delight. What do you think she will post next?

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