Easy Snack: Make Desi-Style Chicken Patties With This Delish Recipe



  • Chicken patty is a popular Indian snack
  • Chicken patty is essentially a pastry with savoury chicken stuffing
  • India-style chicken patty could be served with ketchup or any dip

With the boom in bakeries, patisseries and boulangeries around us , we have access to the worlds’ best desserts that we had only heard about in movies. We pronounce the most complicated names with ease, and also get our dessert customized-our way. But much before we warmed up to the croissants and quiches- the only ‘savoury’ snack we found in our local bakeries were the ‘patties’. Patties are still very much a part of our modest bakeries and tea stalls, just like the home-made atta cookies, cream rolls, cake rusks etc. Far from going obsolete, patties are still a preferred snacking option, especially if you are looking for something filling but not too overwhelming.

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Chicken patty is a popular Indian snack

These flaky, puffed pastry or dough parcels come with a range of stuffing- the most popular being potato, paneer, mushroom and chicken. If you have had a lot of them growing up, you can tell which is which, just on basis of their shape! A skill, only desi foodies can brag about. Another feat that is equally praise-worthy is reaching in time to get just the right number of patties as these hot-selling treats wait for no one.


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Chicken patty is made with layers of refined flour, the outer layer is crusty and crisp, and the inner ones much softer. Needless to say, the soft stuffing of chicken mince mixed with herbs and spices is a crucial element here, the scanty it is, the more disappointing the patty is.


Surely, we agree, it is quite a task to eat these patties. The flaky layers keep breaking apart and may lead to a lot of mess, but the fact that you are determined to finish it at once proves that one just cannot get enough of this lovely snack.

How To Make Desi-Style Chicken Patties:

Here we have a fascinating recipe of the chicken patty we all love and have grown up with. To make this yummy snack you would need some maida, salt, butter, boneless chicken onions, black pepper, and egg yolks for brushing the patty.


All you need is to knead a dough, stuff them with chicken mixture and keep folding the edges so that you get the desired shape.

Here is the complete recipe of chicken patties, try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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