Egg Tawa Masala: This Egg Recipe Spells Indulgence In Every Bite


If there is one thing that is known for its versatile nature in the culinary world, it has to be the humble egg! From crispy bite-sized egg snacks and flavourful egg curries to breakfast recipes like omelettes, scrambled eggs and more, the variety of egg recipes has us spoilt for choices. However, a good egg curry recipe can easily amp up any meal spread. Made with a pool of spices and boiled eggs, every kind of egg curry is a show stealer. If you are also a fan of egg curries (just like us), we have a recipe that is sure to leave you drooling. It is called Egg Tawa Masala.

egg curry

Flavour, texture, richness, this egg curry has it all. Perfect aroma and texture of tawa with a citrusy kick, this egg delicacy is all you need to perk up your lunch or dinner spread. And the best part is this recipe requires minimum ingredients and gets ready in just a matter of minutes. Pair it up with your regular chapatis or rice and there you get your wholesome meal ready to be savoured. Wondering how to make it? Take a look:

Egg Tawa Masala Recipe: How To Make Egg Tawa Masala

To begin with the recipe, boil 3-4 eggs. Once done, cut them in halves. Then, heat oil in kadai, add spices like mustard seeds, jeera and hing. Let them splutter, then add chopped onion and fry until the onion turns translucent. Then add chopped tomatoes or you can also add tomato puree.

Now is the time to add more spices and salt according to the taste. At last, add the eggs and cover the lid for 4-5 mins.

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Try this ‘eggceptional’ recipe as your next dinner/lunch spread. Let us know how you liked it in the comment section below. Happy Cooking!

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