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Tennis star Sania Mirza on her digital debut with Nishedh Alone Together, an MTV documentary on tuberculosis, and on picking up the racquet again

Sania Mirza

Q. What made you want to pick Nishedh Alone Together for your digital debut?

Honestly, I wasn’t thinking that this will be my first project. Creating awareness and breaking the stigma around tuberculosis was more pertinent to me. I felt I could give a voice to the cause, especially in times of a pandemic when health is so imperative. Also, TB has not been getting its due awareness because now when people cough they think they have Covid.

Q. Two years after the birth of your son, you made your comeback in January with a title in Hobart. Then, your plans were cut short.

I could have played, but I need to think as a parent and not just an athlete. It was difficult to travel with him in this risky situation. It was a tough but conscious decision.

Q. Tokyo was the biggest motivator for you to pick up the racquet again. Is 2021 still on your mind?

Yes, I want to play my fourth Olympics. Hopefully, it happens next year. I have been training, so my fitness levels are pretty high. I just need to start hitting some balls again, which I will do soon.

Q. Sportspersons, at great risk, have been playing. What is the importance of sport in a time like this?

Many sportspersons have returned to the field despite the risks. Our work involves travel, mingling with others, things one is not supposed to do during a pandemic. The respect for sportspeople has only risen. One of the biggest things that the world was missing was live sport. It is the most real kind of entertainment. The highs and lows that the fans feel are all real.


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