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Nothing can go unnoticed on the internet! Case in point, Narayana Murthy’s months-old interview wherein the Infosys co-founder criticized Kareena Kapoor Khan. Here’s the long and short of the entire controversy and what the internet take on it!

Kareena Kapoor Khan ignored fans, claims Narayana Murthy

During his appearance at IIT-Kanpur, Narayana Murthy revealed that he was once travelling in the same airplane as KareenaKapoor and ended up witnessing her starry tantrums.“The other day I was coming from London, and next to me was Kareena Kapoor, sitting in her seat. So many people came to her and said hello. She didn’t even bother to react. I was a little bit surprised. Whoever came to me, I stood up, and we discussed for a minute or half a minute, that’s all they were expecting,” Mr Murthy stated.

Sudha Murthy defends Kareena Kapoor

Interrupting her husband’s statement, Sudha Murthy said, “She has a million admirers. She must have been tired.” Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, Sudha Murthy, further observed, “Murthy, a founder, a software person, will have maybe 10,000 (fans), but a film actor will get a million.”

Narayana Murthy’s counter attack

However, the Padma Vibhushan recipient held his ground and presented a counter to his wife. Giving Kareena a lesson in behaviour, Narayana Murhty added, “That is not the issue. The issue is that when somebody shows affection, you can also show it back, however cryptically. I think that is very important. These are all ways to reduce your ego, that’s all.”

What does the internet have to say?

Narayana Murthy’s statements have evoked mixed reactions. One netizen criticized Bebo’s behaviour and wrote, “That’s Why nobody will even remember who Kareena was just after her glamour is gone.. On the other side people are and people will remember you even after a hundred years from now.” Expressing support for Kareena, another comment read, “I completely agree with him. But from Kareena pov if she has been harassed by fans etc in the past her reaction makes sense.”


A few users also relayed their personal experiences with the two public figures. Speaking about Kareena’s behavior, one comment read, “She used to be my favourite actress until 10 years ago. We were on the same flight. All I said was ‘hello’ all excitedly, and she called the crew and made it look like I was harassing her. I had not even asked for a picture. I have never felt so humiliated. I have never seen anyone turn ugly that fast in my head.” While another user commented, “Hmm. sir i was at bangalore airport when i saw you and came to greet you. You were not busy at that time but still you asked me “please go”. I was very sad but then i felt maybe when people are famous they do not talk to commoners.”

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