European Soul Food In Exquisite Packaging; Tiella Shows Why Cloud Kitchens Are Here To Stay


It was right at the start of the weekend, when I opened door to a delivery executive holding a rectangular wooden basket filled with food boxes, bags, wooden cutlery and complimentary coasters neatly stacked inside. I knew where it was from, as a cute packaging I was already impressed, but was yet to unravel if this new delivery kitchen, based out of Shahpur Jaat was even worth all the hype?
If you like to order in frequently, you may have already heard about Tiella, European Kitchen. The pandemic may have aversely affected the fine-dine restaurants, but sudden burst in cloud kitchens, especially in past few months could seen as a silver lining after all? Many delivery kitchens are bringing quality food to our doorstep and Tiella just made the list for its delectable European fare.

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We started out with the prawn escabache. Tender prawns, cooked in tangy tomato sauce, with paprika, peppers and white wine came with side of thinly sliced croutons. A hearty treat indeed. We then moved on to the peri peri fried chicken, coated in chilly corn flour exterior, this hot and spicy preparation is not meant for the faint-hearted. But if you can fathom all the heat, you must not give this a miss, especially with the citrus dip that comes along with it.


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L-R: Peri Peri chicken wings, lasagna, potato and bacon salad, prawn escabeche

We also tried their tiny falafel sliders, four in one portion. Falafel snuck inside two pita breads are moistened with mayonnaise. The lettuce and julienne veggies inside provide ample crunch. Paired with rich hummus, these falafel burgers are a win.

The biggest highlight for us was the lasagna. From the pasta sheets, to the selection of chopped veggies, the tangy lip snacking sauce, to the generous olives, mozzarella and herbs, make this lasagna truly memorable and comforting in every sense of the word.

There are plenty of options for the salad lovers too, we tried the potato and bacon salad made with fresh greens, crunchy bacon strips, and herb-roasted potatoes. The tarty balsamic seasoning and sour cream add lovely flavour to the salad.


Dessert lovers should not miss the delightful blueberry cheesecake.The cream cheese and the rich compote linger come together in this remarkable dessert for a promising finale.

Cost for two: INR 2000
Contact: +911140522480, +917827906772

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