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Shiv Thakare, who is going great in his career especially after coming out of Bigg Boss 16, recently launched his tea and snacks corner. The reality star plans to launch his restaurant in Mumbai, Pune and Amravati. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, Shiv talked about why he decided to come up with a business plan. He also addressed the controversial fight between MC Stan and Abdu Rozik and why the rapper and another Mandali member Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia were missing from his party.
I just hope that I am able to make this big

“I had a vision in mind of starting my own food chain. Gudi Padwa is a very auspicious occasion to start something good. That’s the reason I decided to launch my business on this day. I just hope that I am able to make this big. As an actor I want to make my name and do different projects but I also feel you should have a backup plan. I will do this business also with full honesty like how I have led my life so far. For me honesty is more important than money,” said the star while launching his snack food corner.

Shiv Thakare

Everyone is doing great in their field

He further added, “Bigg Boss 16 has turned out to be fruitful for everyone and all of us are working and doing something after coming out which is a very good sign. Everyone is doing great in their field. I just want to wish everyone the best and want all of us to do great in life, be it music videos, films or launch our own brands.”

Shiv thakare

To survive in this industry you need to have a backup plan

When asked what made him come up with a business as he aspires to be an actor, he said, “As an actor I am definitely going to work in films, music videos or TV shows but to survive in this industry you need to have a backup plan. You have to earn and spend your daily expenses, you need money for it and it is a smart decision to always have a backup plan. You should focus on your work and simultaneously run the business so that you can take care of your daily expenses. I think a lot of actors do this and I feel I started a bit early because I have lots of plans for myself and want to do many things in life. I feel everyone should try something whenever they get a chance. I want to put in a lot of effort in my craft to get work and I don’t want money to ever be an obstacle for me.”


Shiv on MC Stan and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s absence from the Mandali reunion bash

Shiv recently threw a reunion party for Bigg Boss 16 members and especially his Mandali. However, MC Stan and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s absence from the bash raised many eyebrows. Commenting on the same, he said, “Had they skipped my party despite being free or not working, I would have got really angry and we would have had a fight like how we used to fight in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Pyaar waali fight hoti… but I understand both were busy. MC Stan was busy with his concert and Nimrit was busy with some shoots. They were still in touch with me and just because they did not come to my party it doesn’t mean that our friendship is over. We will soon have a party as soon as we all get free. We will meet on the terrace and you all might not see on camera because it will be a private party, and I don’t believe that everything is for social media, some relations are personal and organic. Our relationship is forever and we sometimes feel like enjoying the moment without being surrounded by the camera.”



Shiv reacts to MC Stan and Abdu Rozik’s fight

Reacting to the crack in Mandali due to MC Stan and Abdu Rozik’s fight, Shiv said, “Abdu and Stan have a personal equation also. We would have problems with roothna manana inside the Bigg Boss 16 house also. Just like this incident and we have not changed as people, we are still the same mad people. We would pull each other’s leg and get angry inside and the same is happening here. They are very real people and don’t keep anything inside, I don’t know the full matter. But I know for sure they will soon bury the hatchet and you will see them saying love you bro in the next two or three days. I have full faith MC Stan will soon patch up with Abdu, agar woh nahi manayega toh main toh hoon na.”

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