Farah Khan Explains How To “Go Desi” With A Cup Of Tea “When In London”


Farah Khan is a big-time foodie and her social media speaks about it out and loud. We don’t shy away from confessing that we are hooked to her social media, which is flooded with her gastronomical adventure. But what many aren’t aware of is that the choreographer-turned-director is an ardent tea lover. That’s not all! She is very particular about it as well. We recently got a proof of it on Instagram. Farah, who is currently in London, taught her Instagram family how to “go desi” when you are somewhere abroad. She dropped a clip on her Instagram account, wherein Farah gives a hack on how one can relish masala chai in London. Chances are really high that the clip will leave you rolling on the floor laughing, just like her friends Bhavana Pandey and Malaika Arora.
The clip opens with Farah Khan saying, “We are in London, so we must do all things British. Tea is a very important part of British culture. But we being Indians, let’s do it differently.” Next, she was seen opening packaged masala chai from home and pouring it into your cup. Then she pours boiling water into the cup to prepare ready-to-drink masala chai instantly. All this while a server stands next to her and giggles at her hilarious tip for Indians. Farah said, “Ask them for boiling water so that you don’t have to pay for tea. And here is your best masala chai in all of London.” She shared the clip with the caption, “When in London… go desi. We are Indians…”
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In no time Farah Khan‘s hilarious video was flooded with innumerable reactions. Many of Farah’s friends also acknowledged her post. Ananya Panday’s mother and Farah’s close friend Bhavana Pandey commented, “Farah !!!! you and your tea !!! It’s the best at my house.” Made In Heaven actor Manjot Singh dropped a laughing face emoticon. Malaika Arora jokingly wrote, “Ok kameeni”.
Recently, Farah Khan gave a sneak peek at her breakfast plate from Thailand. She dropped a picture on her Instagram stories. We could see what looks like Eggs Benedict, paired with a half-cut red bell pepper accompanied by lettuce as a salad.

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