‘Farq saaf hai’: PM inaugurates ’78 project, slams past UP govts | India News – Times of India


LUcKNOW: Slamming previous governments in Uttar Pradesh for misusing public funds, squandering opportunities to help the state’s people and filling their own coffers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted on Saturday the improvements made in the past four-and-a-half years of the Yogi Adityanath government. “It has made people say ‘farq saaf hai (the difference is clear)’,” he said, tossing up a catchline for the party’s campaign for the 2022 assembly elections.
Inaugurating the Saryu Canal scheme in Balrampur, a project on which work originally started in 1978, the PM used “farq saaf hai” to emphasise that BJP had completed projects that previous governments had slept over and that the party, in the process, had made life easier for the people by cracking down on the mafia and empowering women.
“I have seen the work of many governments, and in this long time what upset me the most was the misuse of the country’s time, money and resources. This same thinking also delayed the Saryu Canal scheme,” the PM said, stressing on the cost escalation to remind people that they should not forgive those who caused such a massive loss to the state and the public.
Work on this project started about 50 years ago, the PM said, when its estimated cost was less than Rs 100 crore. Now, its cost is Rs 10,000 crore, he added, saying that not only did its cost escalate 100 times but had it been completed on time, it would have brought much needed relief to farmers about 20-30 years ago.
In a veiled attack at SP leader Akhilesh Yadav, Modi said that he was expecting a tweet from an opposition leader claiming credit for the ribbon-cutting of this project also, adding that previous governments are concerned only with ribbon-cutting whereas the current double-engine government of UP believes in completing projects on time.
The PM said that after Yogi Adityanath became CM long-pending projects, like the Ban Sagar scheme, Arjun Sahayak Nahar, Gorakhpur AIIMS, and Kushinagar airport, etc., were launched. Referring to Yogi as an energetic, dedicated and popular CM, the PM said that the previous government used to protect the mafia but now the Yogi government was carrying out a campaign to clear the state of the mafia.
“UP daughters used to think 100 times before moving out of their homes earlier. Now criminals think 100 times before committing a crime; earlier daughters used to sit at home, now the criminals are sitting in jails in fear,” he said.

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