Fill, Roll, Fry: 5 Easy Tips To Make Perfect Desi Bread Rolls At Home


Whatever the season, we love binging on perfectly fried bread rolls. But in the monsoon, we find ourselves craving them more often. Lightly crisp on the outside, soft and flavorful on the inside, tastes even better with chutney… bread rolls are the definition of bliss. There are many types of this snack, and each of us has a favourite version. Whichever kind you choose, if you want to master its preparation, we’ve got your back. We’ve listed 5 important points to keep in mind while making Indian bread rolls. Take note and thank us later!
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Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Make Perfect Indian Bread Rolls At Home:

Tip 1: Ensure the filling is dry

It is important that the moisture in the stuffing is kept to a minimum. If not, it will be hard to keep the snack intact later. The popular aloo (potato) bread rolls don’t pose much of a problem. But if you’re adding other ingredients like paneer, juicy veggies, or hung curd, the filling will not be as dry. In this case, you can add a small quantity of breadcrumbs to the filling itself. Doing so can soak up excess moisture and help the snack keep its shape.


Your filling needs to be dry enough or you might end up with soggy bread rolls. Photo Credit: iStock

Tip 2: Don’t overstuff the bread pieces

A common mistake is adding too much filling inside the bread slices. This heavy stuffing makes your bread rolls more prone to breakage. In most cases, the only coating is bread (not a batter, like with pakodas). Hence, you need to pay attention to how much filling you use for each piece. Also, before you add the stuffing, remember to cut off the edges of the bread slices. Otherwise, you will not be able to seal the roll properly.

Tip 3: Dip the bread slices in milk

When using bread slices as a coating, they are usually dipped in some liquid/slurry. We recommend milk or a mix of water and milk. This will allow you to shape the rolls more easily. Pour the milk into a wide bowl and coat the bread slices on both sides with it. Then use your palms to flatten the slices before adding the stuffing.

Tip 4: Seal the edges of the bread carefully

Once the stuffing is added, bring the edges of the slices together with care. Seal them to form a cylinder-like shape and gently press them on all sides. Check to see that the coating does not have any gaps. The bread should not be stretched too thin, or it might break while frying.

Tip 5: Heat the oil sufficiently before frying

Heat the oil in a thick-bottomed kadhai and deep-fry the bread rolls over medium flame. Wait for the oil to become moderately hot. Add them too early and you might be left with soggy and oily bread rolls (which no one wants to eat). On the other hand, frying them in too-hot oil will burn the coating. So be attentive! Remove the bread rolls once they turn golden brown on the outside. Place them on a rack or absorbent paper so that excess oil is drained off. Serve them hot with hari chutney and ketchup.
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How To Make Bread Rolls At Home | Quick And Easy Recipes For Fried Bread Rolls:

As mentioned earlier, there are many delectable versions of bread rolls. Here are our top 3 picks for you to try:

1. Aloo Bread Roll:

This classic is an all-time favourite, especially in the monsoon. Filled with the goodness of potatoes and spices, this snack can be prepared pretty quickly. Even under the title of “aloo bread roll,” there are multiple varieties. Here’s the recipe for the street-style version you will love.

2. Cheesy Paneer Bread Roll

Want to make a unique snack to impress guests? Then this cheesy paneer bread roll will not let you down. It combines paneer, veggies, masalas, and cheese in an innovative and yummy manner. Click here for the detailed recipe.

3. Dahi Bread Roll

This is another delicious bread roll that is sure to delight. It is also called dahi ke sholay in North India. Veggies and spices are mixed with hung curd for making the stuffing of this snack. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Find the complete recipe here.

Now you can make lip-smacking bread rolls with these recipes and tips. Don’t wait, prepare them soon!
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