Gajar Ka Hawla To Til Ladoo: Here Are 7 Dessert Recipes To Keep Yourself Warm


Let’s admit, we don’t need an occasion to binge on our favorite sweets, right? However, during the winters, our cravings for these sweetmeats are on an all-time high. Desserts loaded with ghee and dry fruits are a must on dinner tables during this time of the year. From Gajar ka halwa to gulab jamun, there are ample options to choose from. And, if you are among those who don’t feel like stepping out in the cold but still crave sweetmeats, fret not. We have something in store for you. To amplify your tastebuds, we have prepared a list of seven dessert recipes that you can prepare at home without much hassle. Best part? These recipes will help you keep your body warm.

1) Gajar Ka Halwa

This sweet delight tops the chart when it comes to having desserts in the winter season. You get to buy fresh gorgeous red carrots during winters and savour them in the form of gajar ka halwa. Nothing can beat this recipe.

gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa is an essential winter dessert

2) Cinnamon Rolls

Not a traditional sweets person? Wanna try something new and unique? Go for drool-worthy cinnamon rolls then. They are basically, sweet baked rolls made up of dough flavoured with cinnamon and sugar filling. 

3) Moong Dal Halwa

Winters call for a bowl of heavenly moong ka halwa, isn’t it? You often find this rich delight at various functions and social gatherings during this season. The best part about this halwa is the desi ghee that goes into preparing it. 

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4) Til Ladoo

Til ladoos are often prepared during festivities such a Lohri and Makar Sankranti. You just need some roasted sesame seeds and jaggery to prepare these delectable balls. 

til ladoo

Til is an integral part of the winter diet

5) Almond Granola Bar

It’s a healthy snack item prepared using sesame seeds, oats, wheat flour, jaggery, honey and almonds. This could be your go-to snack in the winter season and picky eaters like kids too, enjoy this.   

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6) Nolen Gur Payesh

Another must-have dessert for the winter season. The gur, which is extracted from date palm trees, brings its own flavour to the dish. This is a go-to item for Bengalis during this time of year.

7) Hot Paneer Sandesh Pudding

You must be aware of the popular sweet from Bengal, right? Sandesh is a hit in Bengal but you can give it a makeover if you want to with this recipe. It will help you turn the traditional sweet into a warm winter pudding. You only need some fruits to prepare hot paneer sandesh pudding.


Sandesh pudding is a delicious warm and gooey dessert

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