Harsh Goenka Found His “Simple Small Pleasure In Summer.” Guess What It Is


When the sun is right above your head and the whole city is sizzling in the scorching summer heat, there is only one thing that can cool you down – a chilled glass of creamy lassi. Made using simple ingredients like milk, curd, and sugar, lassi has been our traditional summer cooler for ages. It is creamy, sweet, and works best when you want something refreshing and filling. Toss in some ice, add a layer of fresh malai and you are all set to guzzle down the sweet drink. What reminded us of this? Well, it is industrialist Harsh Goenka’s latest Twitter post.

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The RPG Group Chairman shared a video which will prompt you to go grab a glass of lassi. It shows a street vendor taking a dollop of curd from an earthen utensil and adding it to a steel pot. He then adds sugar and churns the mixture with some milk. The lassi is then served in a kulhad or earthen cup. “My simple small pleasures in summer!” the caption read.

The post went viral in no time. It has also attracted the attention of singer Adnan Sami. He wrote, “The true simple joys of life are unparalleled!.” To this, Harsh Goenka replied, “So true.”

A person said, “RoohAfza is missing.”

Another added, “The secret of health, happiness and success is deep breathing and  buttermilk.”

A user spoke on everyone’s behalf when he said, “Kulhad me lassi ka taste to supar se upar.”

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Are you chalking up plans to beat the heat this summer? Then make these summer coolers and enjoy the season to the fullest.

Here’s 5 Summer Coolers For Summer:

Watermelon basil cooler

Think of a summer fruit and watermelon will surely cross your mind. This watermelon and basil cooler has the flavours and nutrients of watermelon along with hints of pungent basil leaves. Recipe here.

Jal jeera

This is another desi summer cooler made with jeera or cumin. It not only cools you down but also aids digestion. So, jal jeera can be your best summer companion. View the recipe here.

Barley water

Barley water is an old and healthy drink which has loads of nutrients and a satisfying taste. Its preparation is easier and you can gulp it down any time of the day. Recipe inside.

Asiatic bloody mary

This is for those looking for something fancy. It is a fresh version of the traditional bloody Mary. It packs a spice punch and can be relished in brunch. Click here for the recipe. 

Strawberry dawn

With strawberry, lime juice, pineapple, and lemon spritzer, this drink will make you feel immune to the heat. It can be made quickly and enjoyed with some starters. Recipe here.

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