Have Beans With Me, Mans Unique Proposal Has Left Internet In Splits


Love and food have always been closely linked. From chocolates as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to ‘finding a way to a person’s heart through their stomach’, the two have been successfully paired together for ages. But one man seems to have taken it a bit too far when he decided to woo his lady love with some beans. A recent Reddit post reveals a man using a signboard to make up with his partner. He starts off with a straight sign that reads, “Andrea, I am sorry.” He follows this up with, “Andrea, I love you.” But it is the third message that had Reddit users in splits. The man wrote, “Andrea, eat beans with me.”

C’mon, Andrea…HE HAS BEANS! from r/funny

The post, which was captioned, “C’mon, Andrea…HE HAS BEANS!” received a lot of attention on the platform. Responding to the post and applauding the man’s honesty, one user wrote, “Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.” Another one said, “”Andrea, I have been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty,” amid much laughs. 

Some users had very specific questions. What kind of beans did the man want to share with Andrea, people wondered. One comment read, “Refried? Baked? C’mon people! Specificity matters! I’m not sure whose side I’m on yet.” Another responded, “I like refried beans. That’s why I wanna try fried beans, because maybe they’re just as good and we’re wasting time.”

This comment, in turn, had users talking about their favourite beans dishes. While baked beans seemed to be a favourite among most, one user wrote, “The real answer is Heinz beans on toast.”

Some even believed that the beans may have special significance to the couple. “It’s probably a reference to a moment only she would get. Honestly, this makes me sad,” read a comment. 

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