Healthy Breakfast: 7 South Indian Dishes To Try During Lockdown


With the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic across the country, most people are under some kind of a lockdown and mostly confined to their homes. In such a situation, killing time can be a task and each one of us has a different way to cope with it. While some resort to music, books and gardening, others find solace in cooking and flaunting their culinary conquests to family members or on social media. No matter which category you belong to, you would agree that a healthy and balanced breakfast can help set you up for the rest of the day, and keep you well sustained during work, virtual calls and chores.

So, before you start wondering what to rustle up for that first meal of the day, here are seven south Indian options for you. These dishes will ensure that you are less likely to reach for snacks during the day. You can give these snacks a much healthier spin while making at home and they are so flavourful that your kids will stand up for a second helping too.

1. Uttapam

This is a traditional delicacy which means ‘poured appam’ in Tamil. Requiring a dosa-like preparation, it is a breakfast pancake made with lentils, rice, onions, herbs and spices. It’s light on the stomach and given that it’s made from fermented batter, it is best suited for breakfast. Click here for the recipe.

2. Appam

Add a little luxury to your first meal of the day with these fluffy pancakes. A very popular south Indian dish, it is made with rice and coconut milk, fermented overnight. They can also be served with curry or stew for a fulfilling weekend brunch. Click here for the recipe.


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3. Banana Coconut Idli

This is a sweet twist to the classic idli. Made with banana, coconut and jaggery, it’s an amazing and healthy breakfast option. If you are looking for something sweet to have in the morning, this is what you should go for. Click here for the recipe.

4. Ven Pongal

This popular south Indian porridge is made with rice and yellow moong lentils, and laced with the flavors of spices, herbs and ghee. It’s light and goes well with both sambar and chutney. Click here for the recipe. Click here for the recipe. 

5. Rava Dosa

Another popular dish from the south Indian kitchen, it is a crepe recipe made with semolina, rice flour and plain flour. The batter for this dosa is thin and crispy when compared to the traditional rice-based dosa. It can be ideally served for any occasion but generally preferred for breakfast with the comforting coconut chutney and spicy sambar. Click here for the recipe.


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6. Moong Flour Pesarattu

A traditional Andhra Pradesh dosa made with moong dal and rice flour, these loaded crepes are made with a lightly spiced moong bean batter. Click here for the recipe.


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7. Puttu

Steamed rice cakes cooked with coconut shavings – this dish is extremely popular in Kerala and can be relished with curries and ripe bananas. Click here for the recipe.


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Which of these healthy south India breakfast recipes will you try next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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