Here’s Proof That Sara Ali Khan Is A Sucker For “Ghar Ka Khana”


Sara Ali Khan can be counted as one of the most candid Bollywood actresses. Her colourful personality is like a breath of fresh air both onscreen and off-screen. We simply love her social media presence. Sara never lets us down as she keeps updating her fans with glimpses of her life. We can’t be more grateful to her.  Sara’s candidness reflects in her food stories too. On Thursday, Sara is in the mood for homemade food only. And her Instagram Stories reveal it. She added a photo of herself with her girl gang. The group is sitting around a dining table. Sara wrote, “Time to eat.” She also added, “Ghar ka Khana.”

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Sara Ali Khan is also a fitness enthusiast. She keeps track of her diet habits and sticks to healthy foods. However, like most of us, she too has her set of cheat days. On one such cheat day, she satisfied her sweet tooth by indulging in a French pastry – croissant. To satiate her cravings, she added oodles of honey to it. Her plate was a Pain Au Chocolate, which translates to “chocolate bread” in French. Sara has paired it with some butter on the side. Along with the picture, Sara has also added stickers of butter and honey.

After the eventful IIFA weekend, Sara Ali Khan was caught relaxing with good food. She was enjoying a scrumptious dessert while enjoying her time with friends. A slice of the classic New York cheesecake graced the table. The cake was served with some berry sauce by the side, for palate cleansing.

When Sara Ali Khan was vacationing in London, she gave us food goals with her scrumptious updates. Sometimes, we saw her enjoying a creamy cup of coffee, with cocoa sprinkled on it. In another image, she was seen devouring what looks like chicken, with potato wedges and veggies by the side. “Caffeine and Protein goals,” she captioned the picture. She added, “Yummy with Mummy. Incognito”, hinting that she was with her mother.

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