How Healthy Eating Is Becoming A Choice For Millennials


Millennials are attributed for being the ones who are out to “change the world”. They make up around two-thirds of the Indian consumer market and are also known for unhealthy eating habits. However, lately, millennials are becoming aware of healthy eating habits for good health and well-being and are on the prowl, for hunting down the best health-driven choices. While it’s true that the world of food isn’t being disrupted overnight, millennials are certainly leading and driving the change in the food revolution. From fast casual to farm-to-table, it seems as though every other month we hear about this generation finding something new and unique to sink their teeth into. 

Millennials are the clean brigade with a retaliation. Today’s resourceful and informed consumers increasingly examine and study the brands they patronise. They dig deeper to find answers to every iota of doubt they might have. It may begin with a Google search, but it often lands up on a website and social media page of a flour brand or a restaurant that rides the farm-to-fork wave. Farm-to-fork dining is a new concept. The restaurants are riding this wave and have strengthened this experience in India by using ingredients that are plucked fresh from the farm. 

Millennials feel a sense of responsibility and trepidation for our planet that compels them to research and select brands that honour humanity and the environment. Brands that make this information available via an easy approach will be rewarded. Even on a busy schedule, they are absolutely okay to order in, but they will scout for clean and hygienic food makers, and their order depends on it. They have the technology, but now they are using it like never before. Facing significantly uncountable choices than previous generations, millennials may not stick to long-standing categories or brands their parents used to buy. 

They are the superficial generation that wants to flaunt their lifestyle on every social media platform, and they have no qualms about it. It is a big way in which the forest fire of healthy and conscious eating is on a rise, and rightfully so. Their plates should have taste, style, and a pop of colours that makes them the perfect delectable Instagram post. There have been cases where chefs and influencers put up posts of food they are eating, their experience, or cooking and customers follow the lead and try it at home. The maxim of this generation is ‘You are what you eat.’ They have adopted clean habits from their family and also the red flags on controlling their junk intake. They are the indulgent lot that will make amends through work-outs and deliberate choices.

They are looking for an authentic story that they can bank on, and this new generation is loyal too. If your avocado shake is made from garden-fresh produce and is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, they will adopt it into their lifestyle. They will go the extra mile and pay the extra buck to ensure every bite is worth for. There is a huge shift happening for sure. The millennial eaters want to be wooed, not by discounts and happy hours, but by food and drinks that genuinely uplift their lifestyle and energy levels. They care more about where their food is sourced from, and that’s a good thing on so many levels.

Indulging in good eating habits isn’t overly complicated. Notwithstanding, it requires cautious preparation, particularly with regards to carrying out the timetable and sticking to the crucial standards of wellbeing and nourishment. Millennials are not only following the trend of acquiring good well-being but are on a learning track to adhere to the essentials, and basic rules, intently screening the extraordinary necessities of the body and making sure to achieve health goals in an unchallenging manner.

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