How To Lose Weight While Managing Thyroid? Follow These Simple Tips


Thyroid hormone plays a crucial role in metabolism. People dealing with hypothyroidism, their thyroid production is low and the effect of thyroid stimulating hormone is insignificant as compared to healthy people without the condition. It is believed that hypothyroid slows down metabolism, which leads to slower weight loss, or in some cases, even weight gain. And we all know that thyroid makes it more difficult to lose extra weight. Are you also suffering with the same issue? Keep reading to find solutions to your problem. 

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Can you manage thyroid weight through diet? 

Yes, you can. Nutritionist Avantii Deshpande shared with us some useful tips to manage weight and thyroid at the same time. Take notes.  

Here’re 6 Diet Tips To Lose Weight While Dealing With Thyroid: 

1. Increase Iodine Consumption 

Iodine deficiency is one of the main causes of thyroid. You can replenish the loss by adding more iodine in your diet. This doesn’t mean you consume more salt. Just take care to use iodised salt only. If you want to use table salt, go for pink or black salt.  

2. Eat More Fibre 

Fibre is known to improve digestion system and helps in better absorption of nutrients from the foods eaten. Consuming lots of fibre helps manage thyroid and aid in weight loss. You can get good amount of fibre from raw fruits and vegetables, raw salads and whole grains like wheat flour, rice, oats and millets. Make sure to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet. 

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3. Have More Selenium-Rich Foods 

Selenium is a trace mineral that is important for thyroid functioning as it helps the body produce TSH hormone. It is said that deficiency of selenium leads to weight gain and low immunity. Nuts, eggs and whole legumes like moong dal, rajma, chole are good sources of the selenium mineral. 

4. Say Not To Simple Sugars And High-Carb Foods 

Sugar coverts into fat and calories. So it’s very important to limit the intake of simple sugars. Also, carbs are known to lead to weight gain. Try having more of complex carbs which are considered good your body. Here are some good carbs you must add to your diet

5. Follow An Anti-Inflammatory Diet 

If our immune system is low, our body is more disposed to thyroid issues. Build your immunity through anti-inflammatory foods to manage thyroid and lose weight. Spices like turmeric and ginger, nuts and seeds, and green leafy vegetables like spinach and fenugreek are good anti-inflammatory foods. 

6. Stay Hydrated 

Drinking water is the simplest way to keep hormones in check and curb excessive hunger. A well hydrated body gives your body strength, prevents inflammation and aids in better absorption of nutrients. Aim to drink 10-12 glasses or 21/2-3 litres of water every day. 

Weight loss while dealing with thyroid is possible if you follow a healthy diet.  

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